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President Trump, It doesn't feel like Independence Day

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indy dayII know the calendar says we are approaching the 4th of July, but, it just doesn’t feel like Independence Day.

Perhaps it should.  It’s hot as heck.  The airlines have been packed. The hot dogs are ready for grilling.  The umps are saying, "play ball". The patriotic activities are scheduled. The fireworks are ready-for-blasting. 

Yet, it just doesn’t feel like independence day.


Because this nation is at war within itself.  The President who has promised to bring America together is not only failing to do this, he is deliberately fanning the flames of discord yet claiming he is being victimized.

The discussions online and on TV are loud with hate as fireworks of anger and recriminations fill the air.  President Trump has railed against the media in his 4th of July weekend speech to Veterans. Yesterday, he used his twitter feed which has been called by his administration, Official White House statements, as a digital brawl display, only causing more hate and distrust, only making more people feel he is far from presidential.  Even worse, only dividing us more.  Whether he or others care or not, those juvenile and frightening tweets are causing media members to feel physically threatened.  Whether Trump feels justified for them or not, this is not the way we promote our most precious freedom in this country.

Independence Day, in which we celebrate our liberty, is sadly now being undermined by the very person who should be leading its celebration. We are witnessing in realtime, a vicious carousel. Trump lies and makes up facts, the media responds. he and others call them fake. His press office refuses to answer straight questions and instead promotes alternative facts.   His administration limits  media access in terms of the number of press briefings and the transparency of them. Out of thousands of relevant articles per day, one or more focusing upon his administration, his lies and his distortion of facts gets misreported. 

Maybe the media has gotten things wrong from time to time.  Maybe because they are dealing with investigations dealing with Russia and foreign intrigue, they are using classified sources more than ever before. Maybe they are responding too aggressively to every false statement made by the President and every juvenile tweet.  Maybe some members are piling on.  Maybe some reporters make up some facts.  Maybe CNN should stop acting like Fox News which is the antithesis of Fair and Balanced. 

But maybe our President should stop scapegoating in which he is almost single-handedly crippling our most-precious first amendment right of freedom of the press. In doing so, he takes us closer to Fascism.

No, it does not feel like Independence Day.

The First Amendment is the one instrument  Americans enjoy to combat government tyranny.  Unfortunately, it is being mangled by a man who defames the hard-working men and women who are paid to do their job to seek the truth, even though, sometimes they might get it wrong and sometimes their bias clouds their visions.  The real damage to our constitution and our nation, however is simply this--less access to information will produce even less accuracy, thus, less truth.

President Trump, the future of our independence is at your feet.  Don’t willfully kick it away for your own self-protection.  Don’t destroy what makes this country special. Don't demean our exceptionalism. 

Our loved ones and ancestors have lost their lives in preserving all of our freedoms.

Don't make this country dependent upon your impulsiveness, your anger your lack of maturity.

Don't destroy our precious liberties.


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