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Louisiana Legislative special session call agenda set but will legislators defy Jindal?
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Rep.-Dee-Richard-144x150Rep. Dee Richard has set the “call” (agenda) for the leges to call themselves into a special lege session. (See petition here.)


If 35 members of the House and 13 members of the Senate sign the attached petition, the petition will be sent to the rest of the leges for their signatures. At that point, if another 18 House members and 7 senators sign the session will begin at Noon on November 26 and last for 15 days.

We’ve heard a lot of whining from the leges over the closing of various state facilities. Richard is giving those leges a chance to actually do something about the closing.

Action needed

If you are concerned about the budget cuts to healthcare services, health and prison facility closings you must contact your leges immediately and demand that they sign the petition.

The choice is clear. The leges either represent you or they are merely lapdogs to Bobby Jindal.

Richard has given us a chance, but if we fail to do our part then we have nobody to blame, but ourselves.

Kudos to Richard for having the courage to give us this opportunity. It’s a great opportunity to find out if our individual leges are all talk and no guts.


by CB Forgotston...Visit his blog at

Pinsonat, Jindal revolution, Teepell and the skewed-poll claim

Lacapitol-red-blueThe recent Southern Media and Opinion Research Inc, (SMOR) poll, financed by conservative businessman and strong  Republican Lane Grigsby, which was released Tuesday measuring Louisiana's political temperature, revealed a climate change in the reddest of red states. 

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