Thursday, 10 February 2011 15:05
Report: Egypt's Mubarak Passes Leadership To Vice President
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Egypt: Mubarak gone?

According to AP, Mubarak has passed on leadership to his vice president.

However, there appears to be tremendous confusion over what Mubarak means.

President Mubarak, in an televised speech this evening said he will not leave office until September elections.

Here is a key excerpt:

"I announce in very plain, unequivocal words that I will not run in the coming presidential elections, satisfied with what I have offered to the nation for 60 years, in time of war and peace. I announce that I will adhere to this position and similarly remain adamant to shoulder my responsibility, protecting the constitution, safeguarding the interests of the people until the authority and power is handed over to the person who will be elected in fair and free elections."

Yet, political observers are uncertain what Mubarak will do as the emergency riots continue in what appears to be greater anger and uncertainty.

At roughly 3:30 pm, the Vice President Suliman urged protesters to return to their homes. 

Political observers are claiming that Mubarak has transfered some power, but he will not step down or leave the government. 



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