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Who's asking Jindal about Louisiana rank as US 2nd most miserable state?
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 neroLouisiana was just ranked as the second most miserable state.



Thank goodness for Mississippi; it ranks as the most miserable state. (See story here.)

This latest horrible ranking begs some questions.

– Do the media around the country ask Jindal about such rankings (See LA Misery Index) when he comes to their states to brag about the great things he has accomplished in Louisiana? Or does he get a pass just like in Louisiana?

– The Republican Governor’s Association (“RGA”) just named Jindal to head their organization in January.

Apparently, the other Republican governors (except Mississippi’s) are either ignorant or want Bobby to assist them in becoming more miserable states.

Anyone ask the other Republican governors what attributes, other than fund-raising, are the reasons they chose Jindal as their leader?

Maybe Bobby was elected because he from the only state where being governor is a part-time job.

– Has the media in Louisiana asked our blindly-obedient (to Jindal) leges what they think of our national rankings? Or are the leges afraid to speak up even as our state goes down the tubes?

– Anyone ask the ethically-challenged head of economic development Stephen Moret about our rankings?

Moret constantly issues press releases about our national rankings. He shouldn’t be able to just cherry-pick what rankings he wants to highlight without responding to the other rankings.

Accountability lacking

I don’t know about you, but I’m embarrassed.

Bobby Jindal is about to go into his 6th year as governor. Since 1997, he has represented us in Congress as well as various high-ranking positions during the Mike Foster Administration. Jindal shouldn’t be allowed continue blaming everything bad on amorphous politicians of the past.

Regardless of we may think in Louisiana the rankings are out there for all to see.

We need to start holding our public officials accountable.


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