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Why Not Hate Republicans In Louisiana and In US?
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A lot has been made in the last 24 hours of what former candidate for Lt. Governor Caroline Fayard said at a recent democratic meeting and it seems everyone is pouncing on her, but you know what… I think I agree… I hate republicans and I do think they “eat their young.”  Here is why…

First in the last 24 hours we find out that Governor Bobby Jindal is having BP Staff and Consultants RAISE THOUSANDS of dollars for his re-election campaign.  Yep, that is right, the same company whose stocks plummeted today at the news that its managers could face manslaughter chargesfor the deaths of the 11 employees killed in last year’s disaster in the gulf.  Yet Jindal has no problem with that.  Perhaps this is just BP saying “Thank you, Governor” for sealing all your records during this eventand not allowing the press or the public access to them so we could judge for ourselves just how well you were doing.

Last year in the “whooping” democrats received at the ballot box for the anemic economic recovery, Republicans swept into office on the promise to create jobs and balance the budget.  What have republicans done?  On jobs?  NOTHING – Zip, Zero.  ON the Budget?  They have tried to defund Planned Parenthood and NPR.  They have done nothing else!  In fact one of the first things speaker Boehner did was to reward his colleges by giving them a week off for every two weeks they work.  Yep… work two weeks, off a week. 

Eat their young?  Well I don’t know what else you can call it.  Republicans throughout this country are doubling down on slashing funding to public schools– k-12 as well as universities.  This short sighted slash and burn mentality all the while giving unheard of tax cuts to huge corporationsall to find out they have actually made their budgets worse. 

So while many may be attacking Caroline Fayard from speaking off the cuff and showing some frustration at where we find ourselves today here in Louisiana and in fact throughout this nation… I don’t think she was that far off the mark.

So tell me this – when folks like Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Governor Scott Walker, Governor Jindal and countless other Republicans are attacking the working men and women of this country, feeding the crazy “Birther” conspiracy, and slashing education budgets… can’t you understand why our frustration has turned to hate?  Can’t you see why someone would say they “eat their young?”

First published on Daily Kingfish. 

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