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Wall Street Protesters Hit Wall With Media Blackout
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there was a pretty impressive demonstration on wall street the other day to protest unbridled corporate greed, the lack of oversight and accountability in the marketplace, and the corrupting influence of money on the democratic process. if you watched the news, however, you probably missed it.  

 that’s because the news media did what they do best in this era when confronted with a possible loss of revenue: they buried the story. because money apparently trumps news far too often these days.

the myth of liberal controlled media may have been true once upon a time, but today’s news media are nothing more than revenue sources for the handful of corporations that control them. i offer as evidence their “coverage” of the wall street demonstration.  

the grassroots event was organized, planned and created by young americans. approximately 5,000 turned out in peaceful assembly carrying signs, listening to speakers and music, and making their case. many in attendance said they were inspired by the “arab spring” movement, watching young people half a world away make a difference, and they wanted to begin to do the same.

an abundance of law enforcement were called out to keep things under control. turns out they weren’t really needed, except to protect the iconic wall street bull statue from being sat on.  

so i went looking for news about the rally, and you know what i found?


wall street clogged with protesters, streets blocked off, and nothing. how could this be? finally, after searching for a few hours online, i found out how this could be.

i checked out tv newscasts to get an update on the protest. i tivo’d more tv newscasts in case i missed it somewhere, and then i went online. no mention of the rally/demonstration on any major media home pages. no mention of it as i trawled through their politics or money pages either, until, finally, i found three stories that could only be found after searching their websites using keywords ‘wall street protest’.

one of the three wasn’t even on the mainstream news site, but on a blogsite link related to fox news. all three stories downplayed the size of the rally, reporting that only “a few hundred” turned out, and even reported the event derisively, intentionally obscuring and minimizing the reasons for the gathering.

so sid, you may rightfully ask, if what you say is true, HOW did YOU find out about what the news WASN’T covering?

i’m glad you asked.

as a result of my searches and queries i discovered, via social media, a link to this video from the rally titled “Media Blackout – Thousands Peacefully Protest Wall Street, No Media Coverage”.

so i clicked on it, and there, for four minutes and five seconds, i saw the truth. and if you click on the link i now provide along with this article you will see the truth as well. you’ll see the “few hundred” protesters the trickle of mainstream media acknowledged, but keep watching and you’ll see thousands more as well, all the way up to a march stretching for as far as the eye can see.

so, since the rich and powerful who control the mainstream press via ownership or advertising dollars or plain old coercion want this story buried, i thought i’d share it with you in the hopes that you’ll share the story as well.

i have several ideas about why the story got buried.  

one is that what happened on wall street really worried a few uptight suits who are afraid of a real grassroots movement not funded by billionaires, you know, like the tea party is. they can’t control the script, so they just hope it all goes away.

another is that they would have covered the event if only, gee, if only these damn hippies got violent! now that would be something they’d report! after all, those damn commie kids! how dare they protest against the corrupting influence of money on the american political system. don’t they know that tv news makes a fortune off campaigns and the guys who pay for them? the best democracy that money can buy and these protesters want to reform that? we can’t have that, can we?

but my favorite idea is this: the young people of america are smarter than their parents and are beginning to wake up. they see their future as grim in the greed-infested selfish america surrounding them. they’re rejecting it, and they’re beginning to search for ways to express themselves and change their future. and the suits….well, the suits are so stuffed and bloated that they have resorted to the only tool they know how to wield, suppression.

i have a feeling that the kids are alright though. i have a feeling that they’ll be back, and that the truth will always find a way through the cracks, until finally the whole dam breaks and the truth can’t be concealed any more.
NY riot 

it’s how our country started, you know, small assemblies of people committed to something larger than themselves. and all they had were leaflets, and a willingness to take a stand against greed and suppression.

but hey, don’t just take my word for it…never just take my word for it. watch the video and judge for yourselves. if you don’t you’ll just be watching cnn or fox for the latest on who won what reality gameshow or who’s roasting charlie sheen. in other words, instead of real and unscripted news, you’ll be led by the nose to wallow in what’s left. –sid arroyo

UPDATE, 3 am Wednesday: as i predicted in my column above, someone acting with aggression might lead to coverage of this event. well, leave it to the nypd to get some coverage going. guess things were too peaceful.

seems that several hundred protesters had decided to continue their protest over the past few days, some remaining in rainfall. it also seems that the nypd decided that the plastic wraps demonstrators used to keep dry constituted tents, and began pulling and tearing them away from people. a couple of people who were trying to stay dry were arrested and dragged away. also arrested were two guys wearing masks in the crowd, including a character mask of the hero of the film “v for vendetta”, and another woman who had the mask on THE BACK OF HER HEAD. 

police also said they arrested another man and charged him with jumping a police barrier and that story might have held, except that a reporter and a photographer for the new york times witnessed the arrest and surrounding activity and said that it never happened. You might say the times was coddling protesters, except that a few hours later the nypd changed their story and said he was arrested for impeding traffic.

damn liberal media new york times! guess they figured that they can ignore demonstrations but not police overreaction and aggression. being from new orleans, we might understand how something like that might make the news.

by Sid Arroyo

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Sidney Arroyo

Sidney Arroyo is a progressive political activist and consultant who has worked on numerous campaigns in the New Orleans area.

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