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Why Jindal Would Want Alario To Be Louisiana Senate President
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A number of vocal conservatives are outraged over Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s selection of John Alario to be President of the Senate.

They are claiming that Alario eviscerates the Jindal “Gold standard” of ethics.

 They are throwing around “harsh” words such as “cronyism”, the “back door deals” and a patron of Edwin Edwards when describing Alario.

John Alario has been in the legislature now for decades.  He made his mark as a Democrat.  Now he is a Republican.

One might ask why is Governor Jindal stepping out to support Alario?

Well, let’s see…here's my educated guess:

Based upon my research, Alario has never had any ethics violations.  He is associated with Edwards but he does not have Edwards’ record.  Moreover, there certainly are other elected officials in Louisiana, who have been the darlings of Louisiana conservatives, who represent the state despite their questionable past and behavior, so, one would wonder why the same conservatives are so suddenly upset about Alario?  If there are any criminal or unethical dealings that are documented that should be presented, please forward them to Governor Jindal and the rest of the Senate (and please send a copy to me).  Otherwise, tossing around words that question his reputation but do not provide specifics really are meaningless.

Also, can anyone one think of any other person in government with his experience?

The recent elections show that notwithstanding the gains Republicans have made over the last few years, Jindal will need Democrats to help pass his agenda.  Despite Alario’s jumping ship to the other side (Republican Party) last year, Alario enjoys good relationships with his former party. 

Also, Alario has the votes.  No other candidate had garnered the votes necessary to be Senate President.  The Republicans control the Senate and the House which means he has support of GOP Senate members.

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Perhaps the most important reason Jindal pegged Alario  is this—his favorable business and industry voting record.  He enjoys a 76 score with the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and last year he garnered a score of 100.

By comparison, Danny Martiny who was in the Senate President running has a 74 cumulative record.  . Conservative Senator Robert Adley has a 72 score.   Julie Quinn of Jefferson Parish possesses a 67. Based upon the LABI rating listed below, he is in the top tier of Senators.

In backing Alario, Jindal said, "John has been a consistent supporter of our reforms," ..."He is a man of his word. If he's with you, he's with you. If he can't be with you, he will tell you in advance."

Whether he is the best person to be Senate President is ultimately up to the Louisiana Senate.  However, given these reasons and knowing how difficult it was for Jindal to pass major legislation last session, I can fully understand why the Governor would want Alario to be on his team, championing his causes--as much and as often as possible.

by Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of
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 LABI voting record

 (R) Appel 100

(R) Claitor 89

(R) Donahue 88

(R) Riser 88

(R) Walsworth 88

(D) Mount 83

(R) Michot 81

(R) Crowe 77

(R) Long 77

(R) Alario 76

(R) Morrish 75

(R) Perry 75

(D) Guillory 74

(R) Martiny 74

(R) Mills 73

(R) Adley 72

(R) Smith 70

(R) Quinn 67

(R) Amedee 66

(R) Cheek 65

(D) Heitmeier 64

(D) Nevers 63

(D) Thompson 63

(R) Kostelka 62

(D) LaFleur 54

(R) Chabert 53

(R) Erdey 53

(D) McPherson 49

(R) Shaw 48

(D) Chaisson 45

(D) Jackson 45

(D) Gautreaux 43

(D) Broome 41

(D) Morrell 40

(D) Dorsey 32

(D) Murray 30

(D) Marionneaux 25

(D) Peterson 23

(D) Willard-Lewis 0

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