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When Drew Brees comes rolling in to the Saints, is he worth highest NFL contract ever?
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bill-parcells-saintsWith Bountygate and other major distractions this fall, such as if Bill Parcells would coach for Sean Payton, many fans are looking forward to the certainty of the season, if just to get past the topsy  turvy realities of the most explosive and upsetting off-season in New Orleans Saints history.

Reports coming out of The Times Picayune indicate that it is almost time for the band to start playing “When the Saints” and for the referee to blow the whistle for the game to begin.


The TP’s Mike Triplett opines that the Saints contract will be done this week and if not it would be shocking.

Bleacher Report asks whether Brees deserves a record contract citing the good Brees has done for the team and for post-Katrina city, yet says that he might have known about the bountygate a claim Brees denies.  Bleacher report also asks whether the Saints will really get its money’s worth out of the quarterback once the season, without Payton, begins.

I don't believe the Saints can afford to let Brees go. In reality, he is in line to become the highest-paid player in league history. The only question is how high will it go.

With Stephen Burbank's ruling, Brees more likely will get $20 million per season. The Saints should know the only solution comes in the form of a five-year deal. After all that Brees, the franchise and the city has been through, Brees knows leaving now over money would be silly. They'll find a way to make it work.
Brees is going to get about $55-60 million guaranteed, and it may come down to the final hours., but anything less than a long-term deal doesn't make sense.

Brees has been the superior quarterback in the league the last few years, means so much to the fan base and is the ultimate man to the Who Dat Nation.

The Saints have to get it done and the smart money in Vegas believe they will.  





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Ed Staton

Ed Staton is a former sports writer for the Times Picayune and New Orleans States Item.  He also served as the New Orleans Saints Information Director.  He has won 43 media awards in writing, design and photography.  


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