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Will Saint Brees’s aura, affidavit prevail for Jon Vilma in NFL bounty court match?
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brees-sonDrew Brees recently won perhaps one of the biggest battles of his life in his five-years $100 million dollar contract with the New Orleans Saints after months of being a holdout. 

Now, the question becomes whether any of this gridiron stardom will matter as he enters the legal stadium. 


New Orleans Saints Drew Brees has vouched for the integrity of Jonathan Vilma and doing so in an affidavit in which he submitted to Vilma for a federal court motion. 

Vilma has been suspended for one year due to allegations made by Roger Goodell and the NFL. 

In New Orleans Brees could be considered a modern living Saint of another kind but whether that will translate into any benefit to NFL-suspended Vilma remains to be seen. 

According to news reports, it is uncertain whether the affidavit will be permitted in the federal court proceedings in New Orleans. 

In pertinent parts, Brees stated in the affidavit: 

 "In my four years as a teammate with Jonathan, I have not seen anyone conduct himself with a higher degree of professionalism, work ethic, responsibility and genuine care for his teammates," 

"My understanding is that Mr. Goodell has accused members of our defense, including Jonathan, of engaging in a pay to injure program that involved offering financial incentives to teammates to intentionally injure opposing players. I have no knowledge of a pay to injure program existing, and have yet to personally see any evidence that would substantiate these allegations." 

"In my four years as a teammate with Jonathan, I have found that he is a man of integrity who passionately plays the game of football within the framework of the rules and has respect for his opponents." 

On Monday, Vilma has a settlement conference on the matter and on Thursday, he has a hearing on a TRO against Goodell's punishment, which would allow him to participate in Saints training camp and access team facilities. New Orleans Saints' camp opens this week.



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