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Will Brees, New Orleans Saints start training camp with a bounty to Superbowl vengeance?
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spag-vitt2-newNow that Drew Brees is back in the huddle, as the New Orleans Saints training camp is about to unfold this week, the team, despite enormous obstacles, have at least two major goals.


The first is for Brees and company to ignite his forces by using the Bountygate expe
rience to their own benefits.


The second is to be break a Superbowl record.


Obviously, the Saints would need to succeed in the first goal to come close to the second. 

And what is that second goal? 

It’s to be the first home team hosting the Superbowl to play in and to win the game. 

So, what are the Bountygate obstacles that New Orleans needs to confront starting this week, with the full team on board, including record and salary-setting Drew Brees? 

They must overcome anger from opposing players and from home teams when they are on the road.  The rest of the league and nation want payback, even if none of the Saints players actually engaged in a pay-to-injure scheme. 

They must also overcome inconsistency and chaos. 

Here’s a list of the mountains they must climb, with which, if one stacked them all together, it would amount to the size of at least two Himalayas: 

  1. 1.The lack of high draft picks this year due to bounty and a trade from last year for Mark Ingram;
  2. 2.No full-time proven head coach since Sean Payton is suspended for the year;
  3. 3.The probable loss of Jonathan Vilma for the season and Will Smith for four games.
  4. 4.The uncertainties of a new defensive scheme due to a new defensive co-ordinator which question-marks are made even more bold by the chaos and switcharoos of the staff due to suspensions. 

Appointed head coach Joe Vitt will miss pre-season throughout training camp and the preseason as per suspension and can return after missing six games of the regular season;

Unquestionably, if this hodge-podge tag team can climb over this mass of mud to even come close to being in the NFL championship game in the Superdome, they are the round-robin coaching staff all deserve the coach of the year  award.

It has been written that the Saints could use the bounty claim to their own advantage by feeling they are wrongfully accused and responding on the field with vengeance--all the way to Super Bowl heaven.

If so, then this week is the time for the Saints to unite  and to start talking by their actions and not just through words.

Saints/Hornets owner Tom Benson is the New Orleans area's No. 1 power player, according to a vote by The Times-Picayune staff. The top 25: 1. Benson, 2) Drew Brees, Saints QB; 3) Doug Thornton,  SMG senior vice president; 4) Anthony Davis, Hornets power forward;  5) Dennis Lauscha, Saints and  Hornets president; 6) Mickey Loomis,  Saints GM; 7) Sean Payton, Saints head coach; 8) Monty Williams, Hornets head coach; 9) Dell Demps, Hornets GM; 10) Les Miles, LSU head football coach;; 11, Jay Cicero, Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation president/CEO; 12 Paul Hoolahan, AllState Sugar Bowl CEO;

13) Joe Alleva, LSU AD; 14) Joe Vitt, Saints assistant head coach; 15) Rick Dickson, Tulane AD; 16) Eric Gordon, Hornets guard; 17) Rita Benson LeBlanc, owner/vice-chairwoman of the board Saints and Hornets; 18) Curtis Johnson, Tulane head football coach: 19) Steve Worthy. Fore/kids CEO, tournament director; 20, Ron  Forman, LSED chairman; 21) Jimmy Graham, Saints TE; 22) Eric Halstrom, Fair Grounds vice president/GM for racing; 23) Mike Schline, Zephys GM; 24) Frank Wilson, LSU assistant coach; and 25) James Carville and Mary Matalin, Political power couple will be front and center as co-chairpersons for the Super Bowl next year.

Austin Rivers missed another Summer League game on Saturday as coachMonty Williams said he needed some rest. Rivers has struggled this summer raising doubts about his ability to primarily play PG for the Hornets, but at least his "lower leg soreness" is nothing serious/ A few rough Summer League  games is nothing to worry about, but we'll keep a close eye on him throughout the preseason. Source: John Reid on Twitter....


by Ed Staton and Bayoubuzz Staff


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Ed Staton

Ed Staton is a former sports writer for the Times Picayune and New Orleans States Item.  He also served as the New Orleans Saints Information Director.  He has won 43 media awards in writing, design and photography.  


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