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Where's major medical, catastrophic under Obama's Affordable Care Act?
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healthcare reform1-300x225There are many surprises that that Americans will encounter as they deep-drill into the Affordable Exchange Act (Obamacare) which insurance exchanges go on the market (online) October 1, 2013 and which policies go into effect January 1, 2014.


For some, one of those surprises is the non-existence of major medical and catastrophic coverage.

Those policies as we know them today will be “extinct” under the healthcare reform act.

This “extinction” does not mean these benefits will not be obtainable, but, only outside of the exchanges and only for a penalty, which increases every year.    

Also, Americans will be able to choose from four levels of coverage, starting with bronze and ending with platinum. 

Watch today’s edition of the Bayoubuzz’s interview with Katie Vlietstra, Director of Government Affairs for the National Association of Self-Employed, who discusses many of the benefits and obstacles presented by the new law. 

Watch the video below

More of the video intervew with Ms. Vlietstra


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