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Vitter, Dardenne, Kennedy, what's going on in Governor race?
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Dardenne-vitter-kennedyHey what's going on--as Marvin Gaye said. (asked)

Well,  it looks like we may have three Republicans running for governor now that's assuming a few things.  Number one, can David Vitter use the super PAC money--roughly $1.5 million dollars--that has been raising his behalf for either for a state-run or federal?    Can he use that in this election?


It looks like Jay Dardenne is going to run although he hasn't raise a lot of money but he has a way of getting statewide support particularly in the Baton Rouge-New Orleans corridor. 

But David Vitter, should he run, is from Jefferson Parish--he certainly would be able to eat into that space.

Now John Kennedy--John Kennedy and David Vitter have been allies but it looks like he (Kennedy) just might position himself. After all, he  recently announced the amount the money that he has race for statewide campaign. 

Secondly he has been making a lot of noise without actually saying that is going to run. 

This week he sent out an email basically saying "Treasurer John Kennedy commends Gov. Jindal's economic development trip abroad".  

Now when was last time John Kennedy said anything nice about Bobby Jindal?

When was last time they talked?

There is just something going on. 

The text above is a approximate version.  Watch video for the most accurate statement. 


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