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Webcast: Louisiana, new Entertainment Capitol of the World

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Much has been written recently about the awesome growth of the petrochemical industry in Louisiana, over the past few years. 

But, there's another industry that has taken center stage.  The Industry of Entertainment.

 Louisiana entertainment under Governor Bobby Jindal, Secretary of Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret has made major strides in areas first launched under former Governors Mike Foster and Kathleen Blanco.

Thanks to the Louisana legislature, I believe Louisiana Entertainment can fairly boast that it is the "New Entertainment Capital of the World" and not be accused of "puffing".

The Entertainment sector of Louisiana Economic Development includes Film, Music, Digital Media or Interactive Media and Live Performance.

Louisiana has more movies being filmed than any other location, including California, Canada and the UK, courtesy of some healthy tax credits, started under Governor Foster.

An idea, that I am proud to claim as its originator and promoter, (patterned after the film tax credits), The Digital Media Tax Credits or the Interactive Media, were established into law only months before Hurricane Katrina.  Years later, with the help of New Orleans Inc. and others, Jindal and the legislature expanded the tax credits to include many of the forms of technologies we are now essing with "New Media" and social media.

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Let us not forget the enormous music and "live performance" industries that have been mainstays in the state.  Very few places rock as does Louisiana.  Tax credits are now available for music and certain live performance areas, too. 

In total, the handsome package is a most attractive for investors while taking full advantage of the unique culture and talents of those (new and old) who have called Louisiana, our home.

To help get out the word about the Louisiana Entertainment opportunities, Bayoubuzz is hosting a Google Hangout webcast August 14 at 2 pm--featuring the Executive Director of Entertainment for Louisiana Economic Development, Chris Stelly.

Stelly has been involved with the department since the early days of the film tax credits and is overseeing this massive growth of projects and ideas.

The Hangout will also showcase same of the incredible new technologies that are making Google Hangouts, what I call, the "Killer App" and the communication medium of the future.  Stelly was my first Google hangout interview, almost two years ago, and it is our pleasure to welcome him back. 

The Webcast is free, "Live" from a computer, desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet, near you.  The Webcast will also be shown in real-time on various locations on Youtube, Bayoubuzz, Google Plus and Facebook, and more. 

Those wanting to join us in organizing this endeavor, to herald the growth of Louisiana entertainment and to help promote the enormous opportunities, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

But, don't wait.  Get a front wrote seat on your future and be entertained in the process.

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