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Who's that cool dude in Koch's Mary Landrieu commercial?

commercial-vote-obama If you've been anywhere near the Internet the past few weeks, you've seen this cool-dude-of-a-man in an online commerical (and I think TV too) letting us know that Mary Landrieu votes for President Obama 97% of the time.


Watching the commercial, as if we needed to know this again and again, this man informs us that while Mary Landrieu "says she puts you first", in reality, we know she has a totally different agenda. 

So, who is this handsome "macho of a guy" in the plaid working-man, "every-man" shirt who is sturdy enough to let us guys know that he's one of us, while at the same time, he's got that charismatic charm for the weaker sex to want to see the ad, just one-more-time.  Surely, anyone who has watched the ad, at least once, is going to know that Mary is not with us and has got to go.  

Anyway, at the minimum, he's educating us that Mary Landrieu is not good for Louisiana?  

So, what does he have against Senator Landrieu, anyway?

Doesn't matter.  For those not able to read the small print at the end of the commercial, the ad in which this man invades our computer, iphones,  tablets is with the good people at Americans For Prosperity, or, in political parlance, a Super PAC funded by those loyal and friendly Americans, the Koch Brothers.

The Koch's ()and some of their Republican and yes, even Democratic-based prosperous Americans such as Harry Reid's Senate Majority PAC, have been infiltrating our televisions too with political reminders.  In the case of the Koch's, they want us to know that Mary Landrieu represents Barack Obama.  The Demo Packs are nice enough to apprise us that Dr. Bill Cassidy is "bad medicine" for Louisiana, which of course, something we need to know. 

Still, it is always great to get some insightful advice from not only the super-packers but the guys and gals in their commercials who surely know more about the candidates than we do.

After all, what else do we need to know about Mary Landrieu?  She reresents Obama, not us.  

 And what do we know about Bill Cassidy?  Well, we're not quite sure yet for those who don't know much, or even anythng.  We'll have to wait until he's  elected before we know who he is.  Which is fair, after all, right?   We got Obamacare before knowing what was in it?  Who cares, anyway.  For now, until election day, what's most important is this--he represents us, not Harry Reid or that black guy holding hands with Mary.

Don't need to know anything more than that either.

By the way, we really don't need to know who that plaid man is either.  Who cares?  He has beautiful teeth, a knowing grin and, he simply knows what he is talking about.  That's all that matters for us voters.

But for those who are perhaps curious, especially since election day is this Tuesday, here's our behind the scenes Bayoubuzz look at this one-size fits all" kind of dude making sure we don't vote for a one-size-fits-all candidate. 

Just watch my video (above) for more information about that Koch's guy.


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