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Why Ambassador John Bolton is backing David Vitter for Louisiana governor?
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vitter-boltonLast week, former US Ambassador, John Bolton, announced that he was supporting U.S. Senator David Vitter for Louisiana Governor and that his PAC, John Bolton PAC, would contribute ten thousand dollars to the Vitter campaign for governor.


During an interview with Bayoubuzz Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, which covered a range of issues, Bolton explained the reasons for his support for Vitter.

SABLUDOWSKY: You're in South Carolina?

AMBASSADOR BOLTON: I am in Columbia there's a Breitbart forum tomorrow on national security issues and a number of the potential presidential candidates are all going to be, all going to be out here

SABLUDOWSKY: so it's on national security and as I appreciate it I know that our government Jindal will be there, you said the presidential candidates.. And you going to be speaking?

AMBASSADOR BOLTON: Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz are going to be here.  I thought I saw Rick Perry's name.  I may be wrong on that but Santorum and Cruz and Jindal, as well, will certainly be here.

SABLUDOWSKY: Okay great now, thank you.  What grabbed my attention yesterday was an article that I saw regarding your being involved in, I guess, Republican primaries, for the first time, in terms of your PAC's contribution of $10,000 to US Sen. David Vitter who is running forgovernor and your support is pretty strong because it's national security efforts am I correct?

AMBASSADOR BOLTON: Right and this is the first time actually that I have contributed through the PAC and the Super PAC together, the first time contributed to a non-federal Candidate, but I thought Vitter's service in Congress and on the Armed Service committee and generally was a very strong performance and I think it's important as the gubernatorial in state government where there's an opportunity to have a governor who is not only qualified to handle the day-to-day issues as governor normally handles but who also has national security experience.  I think it's real plus because governors are inevitably involved in trade relations, obviously every state has its guard, and state governors can help influence the overall national debate.  My feelings for quite some time has been national security especially under Obama has slipped off the radar screen.  So I just think Vitter's  qualifications made him an excellent example of what I like to see more of at the state level and that's--I've watched him, worked with him, his time in Congress--I think he's done a great job and I think is a real possibility to get a governor who, as I say, can handle the normal domestic sorts of issues the governors handle but also has in mind the implications how a strong economy bolsters our national security, a number of military facilities in Louisiana and I think it would be an active participant in that overall national debate.

SABLUDOWSKY: Okay now, he's been very strong at least down here talking about the immigration issue and is that also an area that you thought that he is really strong?

AMBASSADOR BOLTON: Well we have not focused on immigration as an issue as such but I do believe that border security is something that we need to be concerned about and by borders I don't obviously mean just the land borders, we've got sea, coastline and flights coming into the country, we've heard the commanding general atSouthcomyesterday talk about the dangers of terrorists from ISIS and elsewhere coming in from sudden border. Obviously we're at risk across the Caribbean.  We've seen it in the drug trafficking and human trafficking

And the terrorists can use the same mechanism and and maybe some of the same traffickers are bringing in drugs and human trafficking victims to help infiltrate themselves into the country, as well. So I think from that perspective the overall issue of border security to me is more than just about illegal immigration, it is about how you protect the country from these kinds of threats.


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