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What city after Baltimore becomes a space to destroy?
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harlemToday America is in a very dangerous place. It is led by a racially divisive President who thrives on discord and grievance. The control of his Justice Department has just transferred from one radical to another. The President’s response to racially charged incidents, such as the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. in Cambridge, Massachusetts or the Trayvon Martin tragedy, indicates he is a man who is a community organizer at heart who sides with protesters and not police.


In Ferguson, Missouri last year, the Attorney General met with the family of the youngster, Michael Brown, who had been killed by police officer Darren Wilson. In contrast, he did not meet with Wilson or his family. In fact, his Justice Department launched in investigation into Wilson and the entire Ferguson Police Department. The Ferguson Police Chief, Thomas Jackson, as well as Wilson, were forced to resign. They were guilty until proven innocent and the problem with the Ferguson incident was that it was propelled by lies, distortions and biased media coverage. A false narrative was created to portray Wilson as a murderer, gunning down an innocent Black teenager.

In reality, Brown was a criminal, not an innocent youngster. He did not have “his hands up” or yell, “don’t shoot.” Instead he charged Wilson, tried to steal his weapon and Wilson shot him in self defense. Even the biased Holder Justice Department exonerated Wilson, who remains jobless and in hiding.

Despite the truth in Ferguson, looters went on a rampage, destroying buildings and bringing the city to its knees. Eventually, two police officers were shot by a 20 year-old African American man who claimed he was really trying to shoot other gang members, but shot the police by mistake. His alibi is weak and investigators should not be fooled. There is a war on police that is gaining ground in this country and could be coming to a community near you.

Thanks to the destructive work of the liberal media, there has been a false impression created in the country that African Americans are being routinely killed by police for no good reason. The truth is that there are some rare, but very tragic and senseless police actions, such as the shooting of an unarmed man by a police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina. In that case, a video captured the horrific scene of 50-year old Walter Scott being shot in the back eight times by police officer Michael Slager. After the video was discovered, authorities charged Slager with Scott’s murder, a bold, but justifiable, decision.

Sadly, Scott was killed, but it was certainly not a typical police encounter. Nevertheless, the media portrays life today in this country as one in which it is open season on black youngsters.

With the constant media narrative of “black lives matter” and the rare stories of police killing African American males getting immense coverage, a true anger has been building in urban areas throughout the country. It exploded this week in Baltimore in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year old African American man who died in police custody. Gray died of a severed spine in very mysterious circumstances. There is an investigation ongoing and the officers involved have been suspended. There could very well have been police misconduct on display in Baltimore, but it does not justify what happened in the aftermath.

Baltimore has become ground zero in the urban war against police. Anger about the death of Freddie Gray does not justify more violence against innocent people. Last night, 15 police officers were injured, including several who remain in very serious condition. Many police cars were set ablaze or destroyed. Scores of businesses were looted and 15 buildings were torched, including a CVS drug store and a $16 million nursing home that took eight years to build. Rioters even destroyed fire hoses, preventing firemen from containing the CVS fire.

It is an ugly situation with innocent people being targeted, but it is not limited to Baltimore. There is racial unrest in this country at a level we have not seen since the riots of 1968. It might very well get worse. To the rioters who torched Ferguson and Baltimore, the truth does not matter, they are looking for any excuse to target police officers, even innocent people and destroy property.

This could very well spread for several reasons. The false narrative of police killing blacks being pushed by the media is also being promoted by the Obama Justice Department. A bad situation is being made worse by horrible political leadership. In Baltimore, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake incredibly claimed that she wanted to give the protesters “space to destroy” her city. She waited too long to request the National Guard and order a curfew. In the meantime, her city burned and her police officers came under attack.

To combat this type of violent uprising, police need to be able to respond vigorously. On the first night of the Baltimore riot, while 200 people were arrested, hundreds more were involved. If police are forced to remain passive, they will remain targets.

Incredibly, after the city burned, inept Baltimore council members were upset at the media for not focusing on the peaceful protests. Instead, they so-called leaders should be condemning the violence and demanding that the looters refrain from criminal acts.

With a curfew in place tonight and the National Guard in force throughout the city, hopefully, the violence will be contained. Unfortunately, it will undoubtedly reappear in other communities in the near future. The conditions are ripe throughout the nation for more civil unrest. There are bad economic conditions in urban areas, overwhelmed police officials, and corrupt civil rights leaders being encouraged by scoundrels in the media.  

Last night, CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill praised the Baltimore rioters stating that there “shouldn’t be calm tonight.” If there was true justice, Hill would be fired and all those following his incendiary advice would be arrested. Unfortunately, in America today, police are in retreat, criminals are on a rampage and these thugs have far too many willing accomplices in the world of politics and the media.

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