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Vitter gets high GOP favorables but Louisiana about 1/3 voters still not familiar
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If favorability vs. unfavorability scores of the candidate for Louisiana governor were the determinative factor, how would the candidates for Louisiana governor rate?

 According to the recent survey from the Louisiana State University’s Public Policy Research Lab (PPRL), Vitter’s favorability among all voters are +15, Dardenne +21, Angelle +13 and Jon Bel Edwards +5.

Among Republicans, Vitter’s favorables among Republicans are 62 and 49 among Independent voters.  Dardenne scores 37 favor and 30, Angelle hits 25 and 18, respectively.

However, familiarity of the candidates is not very high.  A majority of the voters claim to not have enough familiarity to offer an opinion about Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne and State Sen. John Bel Edwards.   Vitter also has room for growth as 28 percent remain unfamiliar with him although he is serving his second term as US Senator. 

"Additional findings about what Louisiana voters think about this year’s election include:

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