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Vitter's TV ad, Dardenne's new app, Edwards on trail, Angelle hits welfare
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dardenneWhat's happening on the Louisiana gubernatorial campaign trail?

David Vitter has released his first campaign commercial, Jon Bel Edwards is on the road campaigning, Jay Dardenne is showcasing his technology with a new campaign app and Scott Angelle is focusing upon jobs, education and welfare abuse. 

 On Tuesday, the candidates debated the coastal issues.  Here's the wrap:


David Vitter, who leads most polls for Governor and who has roughly 9 million dollars (his own campaign and Super PAC supporting him) to use for advertising is ready to launch his first TV ad.

In a campaign email, he is asking Louisiana to join him in a brighter tomorrow:

The ad, called “Today/Tomorrow,” highlights the mess we’re in today – and our bold plan to move us to a much brightertomorrow.Watch it here first before it goes on TV!

Getting beyond the problems we have today in Louisiana like the budget mess, lack of jobs, and failing schools takes bold leadership, and a plan.

My plan ends wasteful spending like the thousands of unnecessary state cars that are costing us $232 million. I’ll advance skills training and place Louisianians in good paying jobs. And to fix our failing schools, I’ll spend less on bureaucracy, more in the classroom, and raise teacher pay.

Join me in a much brighter tomorrow!

What about the other candidates?


Jon Bel Edwards is on the campaign trail today:


Lt. GovernorJayDardenne has announced “the first ever mobile app by any candidate in a Louisiana Governor’s race”. “JayDardennefor Governor” is available free for both Apple and Android devices.  

According to the Dardenne campaign:

The app, developed by UCampaign, which developed a similar app for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, awards points for every action supporters take to grow the campaign, from inviting friends to the app, to reading aboutJay’s Plan for A Better Louisiana. It makes it easy for supporters to invite their friends and family via email, text message, Facebook, and Twitter.

“The app will allow us to remind people when register to vote deadlines approach, and of course help get out the vote on Election Day.  Our supporters can send messages directly to us through the app and we can communicate directly to them” saidJayVicknair, Campaign Manager,Dardennefor Governor.

It allows volunteers to keep up to speed on everything that is happening in the campaign in one place. It also makes it possible for supporters to help the campaign in small ways that will add up to a big difference.  

“I’ve long advocated the use of technology to make interacting with government more convenient for people and make government itself more efficient. When I was Secretary of State we created and I am very excited about this new fun way to connect with voters,” saidDardenne.  

Dardenne for Governor already makes extensive use of technology in reaching out to supporters and potential supporters, with heavy use of Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope.


Republican Scott Angelle, former Democrat and now Republican has been focusing upon crime, confederacy and welfare.

A recent tweet, shows he is concerned about crime in New Orleans and questions why the city would be concerned about post-Civil War statues. 

A recently released TV commercial shows he wants to tap into promises of jobs, the opportunities of receiving a technical school education.  In the same commercial, Angelle  claims everybody can take part including those “abled-body on welfare recipients”.


Those wanting to watch Tuesday’s debate at Nicholls State concerning the serious coast issues, here is the link to the video

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