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Vitter stokes New Orleans crime-monument flames again with letter to Landrieu
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liberty-monument 3In an ongoing political skirmish today between US Senator David Vitter and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, the gubernatorial candidate Vitter, returned to the issue of crime and confederate statues. 

 Vitter has been trying to make political hay from the controversy which has inflamed the emotions of many (particularly whites), throughout in the New Orleans area, as around the state.  Landrieu, has supported a proposal to remove the statues of confederate icons from the civil war era from their current public positions.   Over the past few weeks, Vitter has cut radio and television ads to support his attack against the New Orleans mayor.  

Last week, Landrieu responded by writing a letter linking him Vitter to David Duke, who had led a rally years ago in support of one of the confederate monuments, the Liberty monument, which advocated white supremacy and which symbolized a post-reconstruction  uprising that killed a number of people including law enforcement 

Here is a copy of the letter forwarded by Vitter's campaign team:

In letter today following a dangerous break in to a home in Lakeview, Vitter asks for written action plan from Landrieu

(Metairie, La.) – David Vitter today sent a letter to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu calling on him to reply to his letters with a written action plan for the crime crisis in New Orleans. This is the third letter Vitter has sent to Landrieu, urging him to focus on murders, not monuments. 

A copy of Vitter’s letter from today is below. 

September 11, 2015

The Honorable Mitch Landrieu

1300 Perdido Street

New Orleans, LA 70112

Dear Mitch:

I write again regarding the out-of-control crime situation in New Orleans and your focus on less serious and more divisive matters instead. You have never replied to me; I specifically request a written reply.

Every week, the bad news continues. As I noted in my last letter, on September 4th, Lester Johnson was gunned down and murdered in his driveway in New Orleans East. On August 20th, two masked gunmen burst into a busy New Orleans restaurant at dinnertime and robbed everyone at gunpoint, making them lay face down on the floor.  Wednesday, an elderly couple in Lakeview had their home raided WHEN THEY WERE HOME and were robbed at gunpoint.

Thank God no one was killed in the latter two incidents. But others haven't been so lucky. The New Orleans murder count is123 so far this year, up 30% from the same period last year.

What is your action plan to address this crisis? Specifically, will you support a whole new State Police troop in New Orleans to have a super-visible presence in areas like the French Quarter, and will you help identify local revenue and tourism industry pledges to pay for this? Will you support a major role for the State Police to help train and increase the professionalism of NOPD?

Finally, will you please show a real and public focus on this crime crisis versus the monuments non-issue?

I look forward to your constructive written response.


David Vitter

Lights, cameras, start Vitter's campaign money victory-flow action
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Lights.  Cameras. Let's start the campaign show action!

On Tuesday, the Louisiana Governor’s race has officially started with a snap.  The top issue is whether any candidate can beat US Senator David Vitter who is the prohibitive front-runner. 

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