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....while Louisiana’s debt is downgraded, and all of our public universities teeter on bankruptcy, this is what we...

Posted by Brian Salvatore on Sunday, February 28, 2016
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CRIME-SCENERecent headlines have focused on the tragic incident in the Marigny that occurred July 26th at 2:00A.M. . A young Marshall Coulter jumped the fenced of resident Merrit Landry’s home for the obvious purpose of burglarizing the property. There was no other reason for his aggressive action.

flagAs the short-termed and most recent President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, today has apparently been ousted by the country's military, perhaps there is no better time to consider the importance of a once-in-a-millenial moment that laid the foundation to one of the most important  achievements in mankind.

kennedy-spaceAs Americans face a variety of problems around the globe: financial crisis in Europe, mounting debt here at home, tensions in Asia between China and its neighbors over remote islands, threats of war between North and South Korea, violence in Kashmir a troubled region between India and Pakistan, and Islamic violence throughout Africa, and uncontrolled violence in central America, we have to ask ourselves, What is our role in all of this? 


EARTH motherAs human civilizations collectively contemplated their navels about those issues that matter most to them: wars, society, religion, economics, and international relations, several reminders about our true insignificance recently, suddenly crossed the horizon.


Ron ChapmanPresident Obama has once again ignited the flames of partisanship. His concept of “working together” is giving him whatever he wants.  Obama has now decided to embark upon a new divisive issue to drive a wedge between the American people.  This time it is gun control.  His intention is to create a plethora of new laws governing the possession of firearms and ammunition with the intent of preventing violent crimes. 

trainAmericans recently witnessed a horrible event as an American ambassador and three members of his staff were cruelly murdered in the streets of Libya. In addition, violent riots erupted in nearly two dozen other Muslim nations supposedly in reaction to an amateur film which they considered inflammatory.

The American response to this is confusing. There was no clear and firm immediate denunciation of the actions. Worse, the original response was an awkward statement of apology from the Cairo embassy early on, later confirmed by the Secretary of State. Finally, the President offered a tepid response following which OUR government apprehended and questioned the film maker. Intimidation?


smackdownDuring this past session Governor Jindal and the State Legislature left a legacy of lunacy in regards to education in Louisiana.   Having savaged Higher Education in the state by cutting nearly ½ billion dollars in three years, these same mindful individuals found time to reach down to K-12 and impose much the same level of “dysfunction.” 


GUN2There is something terribly wrong in American society today.  It appears that all semblance of basic respect for one another’s person and property is lost.   Individuals believe they can do what they want, when they want, to whomever they want without regard for consequences.   


The horrid theater massacre in Colorado, multiple campus shootings, flash mobs breaking into stores and shopping malls, “Pick em out, knock em down” games where people are randomly assaulted for fun…some fatally, drive-by shooting where innocent bystanders are slaughtered…all reflect a careless disregard to the basic tenets of a civilized society.


Supreme-court-coloredThe impact of Obamacare on small businesses will prove to be disastrous.  Mostly, because small business owners have no idea what the true impact will be.  Therefore, the uncertainty will cause them to retrench rather than invest.  This in turn will impair any economic recovery.


Consider that small businesses make up 99.7% of America’s economy.   They account for 50% of all non-farm Gross Domestic Product, 65% of all new net jobs, and 44% of the nation’s total payroll.   This alone should cause those in government to consider carefully before they make a decision that might threaten their livelihood. (U.S. Small Business Administration)


naziAnyone actively reviewing the deteriorating situation in Europe cannot escape the crisis brewing in Greece.  Granted this nation’s economy is small and many may regard it as relatively insignificant.  However, events unfolding there should raise concerns about the general direction of the world.

Mark Twain once stated:  “History does not repeat itself… but it does rhyme.”  Perhaps we might cast a glance back to the early 1930s to hear the assonance.  Comparisons are chilling.



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