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LED's Chris Stelly says tax credits are helping Louisiana music recording industry

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recording louisianaOne of the major programs born in the mid-2000’s that has helped make Louisiana more competitive in economic development is the music or sound Recording tax credits program.

In part 2 of an interview with Chris Stelly, the Executive Director of the State’s entertainment program for Louisiana Economic Development, the issue turned from the motion video tax credits to the music industry tax credits.

According to Stelly, the sound recording program was adopted around 2005 and was based on the success of the film program at the time.

With the sound recording program, Louisiana has been able to focus on music since “we have such a host of sound recording studios across the state” that has helped make the programs quite successful, Stelly said.

Louisiana offers a tax credit for the recording of sound in the sound studios across the state. This is included or taken advantage of it has been Dr. John, Dave Matthews, REM has taken advantage of the program as well as local musicians. 

Stelly said that the program is helpful to local musicians making the threshold to success easier.

The type of industry professionals who have taken advantage producers, engineers, bands recording

Stelly said they try to “get in front of a musician, producer, engineer and say come to Louisiana or if you're in Louisiana”, come record and we can help you with some of your production costs, it's a direct rebate up to 25%.

The purpose was to help make Louisiana the center of the music business “to compete with Nashville, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York”, Stelly said.

Stelly said “We do music better than anybody else” from Lafayette to Lake Charles, Baton Rouge blues, New Orleans is eclectic mix and the original art form of jazz. 


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