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Guliani tweet smokes Trump's narrative, reveals the true Ukraine corruption Featured

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There he goes again.

Rudy Giuliani, who has turned into a gusher of embarrassment for lawyers, the City of New York and sometimes for his client, Donald Trump, has been known to say things that often-run counter to the Trump narrative.

He’s done it again.  This, time, borrowing once again some Watergate parlance, outed by the "smoking tweet".

First, the ever-changing Trump narrative. Per the President and many of his House Rules-breaking Republican cohorts, Trump was concerned about Ukraine corruption, therefore, kept Congressional-approved funding from being released to the new government. The President has claimed that it was his duty to hold up the funds until he felt comfortable that Ukraine met a certain threshold. Of course, it turns out that the only threshold of which Trump seemed to be concerned related to Joe Biden, his son and the existence of a Democratic Party server.  Finding that server, according to Giuliani, would implicate Ukraine as the culprit that spoiled an American election, not poor Russia.   Therefore, Trump claims that ending corruption was paramount and necessary before Ukraine would get its needed funds.

However, in engaging in this anti-corruption fight, Trump dispatched his private attorney Rudy Giuliani to head a shadow government to help convince the world that Biden was corrupt. At the time of this dispatch, Biden was, and for most part, still is, the leading Democratic candidate for President.

Trump and his loyalists somehow claim that the objective was fighting Ukraine corruption, nothing more.  They claim it was totally appropriate to do whatever needed to be done to ensure that US dollars did not end up in the wrong hands. According to recent testimony disclosed during the impeachment inquiry depositions, Trump not only dangled the defense money but a presidential meeting over the head of a new Ukrainian leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, who needed to defend his country from Russian brutality.

In other words, no tickee, no washee. No public announcement that President Zelensky  was investigating corruption, no American dollars to protect soldiers from Putin.

Sounds like a winning argument in defending President Trump from false claims of abuse of power, doesn’t it? The Commander in Chief was commanding that money not flow and a meeting not be held unless and until Zelensky told the world that his focus was corruption (meaning Biden) and the server.

Of course, that condition alone should raise some curiosity antennaes.  Normally, when an investigation occurs, the very last thing that an investigator wants known is the very existence of the investigation.  In this case, however, it seems that Biden-corruption public exposure and server identity primed protecting Ukraine and following Congress’s mandate.  

Now, back to Rudy Giuliani.

Testimony tells us that Rudy was in command. He was doing the deals to expose Biden and the server. The State Department and the professionals were told to take orders from Giuliani as it relates to Ukraine, not orders from the long-term, non-partisan, professional- government officials and experts on foreign policy and Ukraine.

Last night, the former America’s Mayor tweeted that everything he did was to protect his client.  Specifically, Giuliani tweeted:

“With all the Fake News let me make it clear that everything I did was to discover evidence to defend my client against false charges.Dems would be horrified by the attacks on me, if my client was a terrorist.But they don’t believe @realDonaldTrump has rights. Justice will prevail.

Whoa!! You mean, Rudy’s mission was to protect Trump from false claims? I thought Trump was primarily and exclusively motivated in ending corruption by exposing Biden and finding that server.

Yes, Rudy G. was acting on behalf of his client President Trump, not to protect America, as a professional government official would want to do, but to protect the President from false charges.

Think about it. When did Ukraine make false charges against Trump? What false charges were being made against the president that needed to be uncovered that prevented our ally from receiving  essential military assistance unless the Bidens were exposed and a server procured?  

Sorry, this dog of a explanation won’t hunt.

Rudy has done it again. He has outed his client by either trying to defend Trump or by trying to defend his own hide.

The web of deceit, false statements, moving goal posts, presidential threats, Republican House congressional pranks has been woven. The fibers of corruption are being torn apart by the decency and courage of government officials whose allegiance is to this country, not to an out-of-control and utterly-corrupt man in the Oval Office.

The facts are emerging. Ultimately, members of his party need to decide. Is their mission to protect the President from claims of impeachable wrongdoing or is their mission to do like those “real Americans”, defy Presidential coercion and defend country.  

Sadly and unfortunately ,America’s future  and our  standing in the world comes down to that one critical question.

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