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Talking heads' take on the Biden-Harris vs. Trump-Pence match

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It's official!! The US presidential race pitts the challengers Joe Biden and Kamala Harris vs. incumbent Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Today, only days leading up to the Democratic convention, Joe Biden announced his running mate.

Shortly after the announcement,  we wanted to see what the talking heads were saying about the match up. Below is a transcript of a portion of the Daily Meet the Press with Chuck Todd as host. Following that is Dana Perino and Chris Wallace from Fox News



One thing I'm curious about and I want to bring in my Mike Memoli back and get more more folks back into this conversation is. I had heard some whispers from the left that there's gonna be some hand wringing on the left, if it is Kamela Harris, athere's this idea she's not progressive enough or whatever you want to do, like how is the campaign, anticipating some of that on the left and what are they trying to do to mitigate it, mitigates the criticism.


Chuck I think we have to consider is the attitude of the Biden campaign all along is to take the criticism of the former vice president seriously to mind that the ideological divide, of which there is a very real concern about and they spent an awful lot of time this summer working to manage and to make sure that the progressive wing of the party felt included, but it's also not to overestimate it not to take it more seriously than they trust in their own calling in the Vice President's own gut, that it is as serious and so I think when you talk to the campaign about how this decision comes together, you're not going to hear as much conversation about the ideological divisions as you might expect. I think what is consistent throughout and Biden set this tone himself more times than anybody cared to listen perhaps he wanted somebody who he felt he could work with, and we're seeing that already what is one of the first images that campaign is putting out at this point, Chuck. It's an image of Joe Biden sitting at his desk Kamala Harris is sitting at her desk having a virtual conversation, it's an image that you can perhaps expect to see a lot more over time. And listen, I think we've spent a lot of time trying to figure out meetings right well have they happened in person hasn't happened virtually. Knowing to find having covered him a long time, they will probably a lot of informal conversations there will probably meetings that didn't quite qualify as a vice presidential interview, and I wouldn't be surprised if one of those moments was that picture that we're seeing now and for all the questions about the divided party and specifically what Kamala was trying to do against in the campaign which is trying to get his support with African American voters. I think what is important to realize at this point is that the party is so united behind the idea of beating Donald Trump and I think the campaign was always confident that there might be a messy couple days no matter who the choices, but they have a whole convention next week, and they're going to carry on into the fall, feeling very confident that the party is together on this.


You know, in fact, Clare McCaskill. I was just thinking about this in a conventional year, with a convention coming up, if there were sore feelings on the left, there would be a lot of reporters kind of bored next week who would find plenty of delegates to say disparaging things right about the ticket. Yes What's not going to happen next week it's one of those One of those things that is, you know, it just it's the nature of this current beast we're all dealing with what that might end up being helpful in making sure that storyline never gets traction.


Yeah, I'll give up the balloon drop in exchange for journalists not being able to find people on the floor, who are not happy about who the nominee is or who the Vice President is, you know, this party is probably as united, as I've ever seen it. Yeah, there's, there's some differences of opinion about a few things, and Kamala, you know is somebody who started out as a courtroom assistant da, and then worked her way up to the, to the boss of that district attorney's office and then to the Attorney General's Office running an office over 7000 lawyers, she has executive experience. And during that time she did do criminal justice reform. She had some important things she did about finding jobs for drug offenders as opposed or GDS for drug offenders as opposed to putting them in prison. So she's got things to talk about in terms of criminal justice reform, but she also is going to be reassuring I think to a lot of suburban women who, you know, maybe aren't as far left as some people in the Democratic Party maybe a lot of suburban women who voted for Donald Trump, for whatever reason, so I think she is a great combination and I do think you're going to see less sniping, particularly because we're going to be working remotely, and there won't be an opportunity for that.



You have concerns about how this campaign truth, how they sort of. There's been a lot of conversation about sort of how will the atmosphere of the campaign, treat this of


 doing that with my family it's in my blood in my DNA, but also we have to live in a society where the vulnerable in these communities, cannot be victim to criminals who are running the streets or rioting and breaking into their businesses and destroying their livelihoods and continue to call it peaceful I mean you've seen that happen in Chicago the tide is turned there with the politicians and all of a sudden, you know, noticing that they should be prosecuting these people, but because she's ever really stood up for her own record during this presidential cycle, it'll be interesting to see if she decides to do that now as Joe Biden's law enforcement officer but again at the same time trying to square the idea that Joe Biden has had a hard time getting rid of his record on crime as well but it's been seen as racist incarcerating too many minorities so that'll be an interesting debate to hear them discuss


I want to bring in the Sunday anchor chris wallace he is on the phone with us. Chris Wallace we haven't had a chance to hear your reflections yet and your observations about this to be the first black woman to be the VP nominee, on a ticket.


Well hello to the five, even on the phone. A couple of thoughts a lot of foreigners-- when Obama picked Biden to be his running mate. Back in 2008 he said I want you to regard this as the capstone of your career, particularly given Biden's age, which is odd because here we are 12 years later when he's running for president. The point was that I think Obama wanted somebody who wasn't running for president himself as a vice president, and there was a lot of thought that that was what Biden might want himself, the rise of Susan Rice, that thought that he didn't want somebody who would be running for president, with the view being vice president as a capstone of the career and you also heard a lot about what's most important is personal chemistry and somebody to be a partner in governance and Susan Rice made a lot more sense from both of those points I think you guys have pointed out some of the deficits, for Susan Rice.

But clearly, in the end, you know what, I can worry about all about after I'm president I gotta win first, and he clearly thought that Kamala Harris would be more of an asset going forward in the 2020 campaign, then Susan Rice would be.  Maybe not as good as a governing partner and certainly not somebody who's going to view the, being vice president or the capstone of a career

, but somebody who may be

President Trump takes the podium in the White House

to address. Violence looting and rioting taking place in the democratic control cities of New York Portland, Chicago, and Seattle and governors of these states and cities have an absolute duty to use all resources necessary to end the violence, and all of the injury and death. New York City has an army of great police, I know that very well.

And the law enforcement and the New York's finest are as good as.

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