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Trump Week: Arpaio, Gorka, Cohn, Transgenders; Mueller Reality waiting? Featured

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trump circusSome believe it's all a 3 ring circus.  Others prefer using the simple word, "Chaos".

Regardless, welcome to Trump Weekend special, August 26, 2017 Edition.

Regardless what you might call it, it's never boring. Hardly a moment goes by without controversial tweet or insult.


This weekend is no different. Eye-opening. Frantic. Angry.

This weekend features Sebastian Gorka, that deep-voiced protectionist of Donald Trump, a darling of the far-right wing, the ying to Steve Bannon's yang,  now joining his former Breitbarter into the fog of the fired-from the Trump White House club?  Too bad.

And, the pardoning an 85-year-old birther sheriff from Arizona, Joe Arpaio by a birther President;  

And, Gary Cohn,  the director of the National Economic Council, publicly airing his disappointment about Trump’s Charlottesville comments followed by a chorus of "Resign, Cohn, Resign".

And, Trump’s transgender ban which John McCain claims is “a step in the wrong direction” and which arguably now puts the military in a position of being anti-gay. 

Which is the most interesting news story this weekend in Trump Week? Arpaio, Gorka, Cohn Transgenders or the Hurricane send off? Tell us below


And, the President giving Texas, a "good luck" nod and a Friday night breaking-news dump as a category 4 Hurricane readied to slam into Texas promising to make  the southeastern part of the state into a bowl of soup?  

It caps another maddening week of this Reality TV series that started June 2015, one escalator ride down from the tower.  The show has a big future. If all goes well, it's scheduled for a four-year run, unless, of course, it's pre-empted by a promising new investigative project, now on pilot, called “Mueller” 

Stay Tuned

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