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Mueller-Schneiderman team stronger than Trump-Putin on Russia probe Featured

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red putin white houseSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller is no fool. He’s aware of the rumors that President Donald Trump may try to fire him, or pardon those alleged to have violated federal law during, or before, the 2016 election. Should a pardon happen, in one scenario, Mueller’s work product is likely to be trucked to the Department of Justice, sealed, and given a disclosure date of fifty years from now. To insure this doesn’t happen, Mueller is said to be sharing his evidence with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.


Schneiderman knows Donald Trump well. In 2013, he brought a $40m civil law suit against Trump University alleging fraud. That suit led to a settlement in the amount of 25 million, without any admission of wrongdoing by Trump who, then, was beginning his campaign for president. Among the New York Attorney General’s past targets have been tax cheats.

Trump, striking back, labeled Democrat Schneiderman a “political hack” and accused President Obama of bribing Schneiderman, with campaign contributions, to bring the lawsuit against the unlicensed university. The New York Post reported Schneiderman’s accusation that Trump supporters engaged a campaign consisting of gruesome tweets against him on account of the suit against Trump University suit. Schneiderman, additionally, has accused Trump of being a racist on account of the President’s views towards Mexicans, among others.

Schneiderman’s inquiry, now running on the same track as Mueller’s investigation, is significant because Trump can pardon only for federal crimes. If the President’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, former sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ, convicted of contempt for disobeying a federal judge’s order to end overly aggressive stops of Latinos, was meant to serve as a message to those at federal jeopardy stemming from the campaign, Schneiderman sent one that’s contrary.

Because the Trump Organization is based in New York, anyone who has done business with Trump in the State is vulnerable to its Attorney General. This would include, but not be limited to Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, and Don Jr. Also vulnerable are Russians who reside in Trump or Kushner properties, or have done business with them. Due to New York’s standing as the financial capital of the world many banks that have done business with Trump are likewise vulnerable, including Deutsche Bank, reported to be a frequent Trump lender.

It’s rumored that Mueller is investigating money laundering by Trump and associates which, if true, could lead to exposure of Russians who have parked money here to avoid Russian taxes. RT News reported, in December 2013, that funds parked overseas by Russians made up an amount equal to 20% of the nation’s export revenues, outside the reach of Russian tax authorities. It is, now, illegal to maintain overseas tax dodges in Russia and many Russians are predicted to liquidate such holdings. This could affect Trump properties, if any, in which they might have invested..

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Vladimir Putin can’t be eager for Mueller to follow the money from New York, to Panama, to Switzerland, to Cypress, back, to Russian sources, or variations, thereof. Putin owns, according to leaked Mossack Fonseca law firm papers, and earlier Wikileaks U.S. State Department dumps, substantial interests in Russian companies, including oil and gas enterprises, doing business overseas. Watch for Putin to turn on Donald Trump who has done nothing about the Magnitsky Act sanctions that, allegedly, were discussed at Don Jr.’s now infamous meeting in Trump Tower, ostensibly to discuss Russian orphan adoptions by Americans.

For Putin, the sooner the Mueller investigation ends the better, which may explain why a close associate of the Russian President confirmed, recently, that the Trump organization contacted Russian officials about a proposed Trump Tower in Moscow, planned to be the largest tower in the world. When it comes to self-preservation, Trump is no match for Putin and further, indirect, Russian assistance to Mueller, if not Schneiderman, can be expected.   


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