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Donald Trump, The Deal-Making Democrat Featured

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don dem“Progress Again!” Donald Trump can have the success he craves, and breach the mega-chasm of civil division afflicting the country if he becomes a Democrat. It would mean campaigning for Democratic Senate and House candidates next Fall, but he could do it. Chuck and Nancy would help, and the public would reward the new show with high ratings.


It wouldn’t be a big deal for Trump to switch parties. He’s vacillated between them for years, and both Democrats and Republicans have received Trump lucre. While the President’s fabled wealth would have sustained a gloriously apolitical life, one above petty labels for generations, Donald chose life on the biggest stage in the world. The casting director in him, though, knows that every performer, eventually, must decide which part he wishes to play.

With midterms coming, and a general pattern for the party out of power to gain seats at such times, Trump is reading tea leaves. Besides that, there’s a couple of other problem like, ahem, Sen. Mitch McConnell who isn’t taking to the President, except in four-letter words, and Rep. Paul Ryan, the Black Prince, who’s running a shadow court at the back of the House where he’s trying on the crown after dark.

Post-Obamacare repeal: Trump, Mitch McConell fallout

On the big healthcare vote, McConnell humiliated Trump and sent the message to tens of millions of regular Joes and Janes that Republicans are heartless elitists willing to let their fellow citizens die, badly, just so the rich can hire another butler at their mansions. McConnell’s ever so secret GOP healthcare bills nearly caused riots at town halls nationwide, where Republicans were thrown serious shade by people who included many Trump voters.

Meanwhile, the “Great Wall of America” is still clay dust on the ground, with no straw or water on site. There’s a tradeoff here. Democrats will have to cede Trump a significant appropriation to build a prototype of his dream project along the California border to see if the idea is worth a wooden nickel, and to show how architecturally and cosmetically appealing the installation can be. Including artwork earns bonus points and would give new meaning to the term, “Art Walk.”

The Democrats have plenty to offer Trump. They are a more cohesive, younger-positioned demographic, one less fragmented by extremes. Liberal Hollywood is rich, the people are beautiful, and Trump already has a star on the Boulevard. Best of all, there’s freedom from the promises the President made to Republicans that were incapable of being kept. The real deal-sealing corker is that no Democrat would ever vote to take down a president of his or her own party, even if Robert Mueller should find skullduggery here or there. It’d be like, “Ahh, yeah, thanks for sharing, Bob.”

Donald Trump is a deal maker. Whether his obsession with deals stems from the thrill of the process, or the results, Trump wants to get it signed, sealed, and delivered. When Trump makes deals he’s happy. When he’s happy, so is the world. A happy world is a good place! Check the box. Date. Sign. File. Cheers!

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