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Franken swallows, when do Trump, Moore belly up to the spoon? Hillyer interview, Pt. 2 Featured

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belly2Minnesota US Senator Al Franken has reluctantly swallowed the strong medicine. What about President Donald Trump and Republican Senatorial candidate, Judge Roy Moore? When do they belly up to the spoon?

The sexual harassment, sex abuse rage that has consumed the news over the past few months has captured its latest casualty.  Democrat Sen. Franken, who has admitted part of the allegations made by one woman, while denying other claims by others, is calling it quits, in shame.

 Today, he has announced his resignation from his US Senate seat.

However, over a dozen women have made similar allegations against President Donald Trump, yet he and the Republican National Committee (RNC) are holding on to their endorsements of Moore who is running against Democrat Doug Jones, for the Alabama US Senate race.

The action by the Democrats who called for Franken’s resignation after another woman came forward Tuesday, stands in sharp contrast to the defiance by Trump and Moore and yes, some of their ardent supporters. Both men claim that all of the almost 20 women who have made allegations against them are lying.  Perhaps even more incredulous, both refute the allegations of literally speaking, dozens of witnesses.

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The factual differences between Trump and Moore versus Franken stand upon their willingness to demean the women (and witnesses) to protect their own political hides. Add Democrat Rep. John Conyers who has announced his retirement amid his own allegations which he has denied although there has been a settlement of a sexual harassment claim.

The Franken decision comes as the hotly-contested, controversial Alabama US Senate race is days away. One issue that is so obvious, especially since Trump’s and the RNC endorsement, is the blatant backing of their respective candidates because of their own political views.  True, there are some Trump and Moore supporters who have doubts about the women, but, to so many others in Alabama, nationally and in the RNC, the issue comes down to political numbers, no more, no less.

On Wednesday, I interviewed conservative columnist Quin Hillyer about Moore controversy. In part one of the interview, the columnist for publications such as the Washington Examiner, the National Review, and others, was so upset about the RNC endorsement of Moore, that he boldly stated that the National Republican Committee should disband. Given that his father had once been on the committee, taking such a strident position against the party is somewhat profound.

In part two, which is below, he focused upon the minimal evidence that does exist against Moore that would disqualify him. He also talked about what he views to be the “height of hypocrisy” of some of the Moore supporters:  

HILLYER: “I'm not saying that they're (allegations against Moore) true I'm not saying that we know that you--I'm saying by all objective standards they are credible”.

SABLUDOWSKY: What is the “most compelling piece of evidence in let's say the very first story that you would say yeah this makes it credible?”

HILLYER: Well it depends on which of the allegations you're talking about--the single most credible, the single most credible part of it all, in fact it is now not just credible but almost irrefutable, is that Roy Moore had a thing for at least four older teens.  There is no way with a straight face now, to say that Roy Moore did not, was not attracted to, did not try to date, did not try to hangout with, put the moves on older teenagers.  And he did it repeatedly and he basically admitted as much to Sean Hannity and so you have the predicate right there that he at least was interested in girls of about that age.  Because, you have so many different people saying and he was known to hang out at the malls.  You have so many people whose stories at the mall completely support each other, you have mothers saying that several mothers, saying that yes he he-- either took out my daughter or he asked permission to take out my daughter including a mother who said he specifically asked when my daughter was 16 years old, and I said you know she's 16, don't you think that's robbing the cradle--no she can't go out with you.  So, either you have dozens and dozens of people lying or else he at least had those proclivities.  Now set that aside--does that mean that he did exactly with the 14 year old what was alleged?  That is not, is not proven and and if it is it would be disqualifying, but there are ways parts of the story with the 14 year old that don't quite match his MO, his usual way of acting but the 14 year old story also has a lot of backup as well--contemporaneous friends that she told etcetera etcetera.

SABLUDOWSKY: Including her mother

HILLYER: Including her mother.  So set aside the 14 year old which is credible, you asked what is the most credible not just credible but irrefutable that he hung out at the malls and at other places and asked out older teenagers for dates.   

SABLUDOWSKY: Okay so there's also the argument that look it doesn't make any difference, I mean the bottom line is that we can't have a Liberal Democrat and I don't really care what the allegations are, we cannot have a Liberal Democrat--and I think that's what Donald Trump's position is and in a lot of Roy Moore supporters' positions am I correct?

HILLYER: Yeah but I want to know how many people making that argument, we're willing to make the same argument in reverse to Bill Clinton.   Almost every single one of the prominent people, not counting Trump, because Trump wasn't even a Republican at the time.  But almost every one of these prominent moral religious leaders whatever they were saying and what Bill Clinton did with a 23 year old, by the way, not with a 14 year old, but what Bill Clinton did was absolutely disqualifying in and of itself for anybody holding public office, much less the President of the United States, and they said that, that moral abomination they called it, that that he should never be anywhere in office.  Now if they say that, they cannot turn around and say that Roy Moore's allegedly worse abomination can be overlooked because well he's a Republican and the other guy's not.   That is the height of hypocrisy and those people should go hang their heads in shame, they are despicable and disgusting.  I'm on fire here.  I'm just furious and I'm not even sure that I believe that's the whole story of the fourteen-year-old.  I'm just saying that these--if the allegations are credible, then people should be staying away--from people in high authority should be staying away while these stories are still being vetted.  They should not jump in and support somebody who is credibly accused of these things unless and until we know that you know that these allegations are bunk.

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