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Did Trump's threat to Cease and Desist release Fire and Fury book, backfire?

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cnn burnettDid President Donald Trump overplay his hand in dealing with the now-controversial-book in which he threatened a cease and desist? 

Richard Painter, former ethics attorney for President George W. Bush questioned the logic of Donald Trump's cease and desist of the controversial book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff


Here are some of his comments he made on Erin Burnett's Outfront, this evening:

Richard Painter: ..Of anything, and this book doesn't even contain classified information.

Libel suit cannot be brought by public figures unless they show an extremely high degree of malice and reckless disregard for the truth and those suits could only be brought after the fact, after the book is published. So this idea that you can ask cease and desist is utterly ridiculous. It shows no understanding of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and we just don't do business that way in this country.

I mean, Russia or some other country maybe the president can say that a book can't be sold and shut down the publishing. Not here.

Burnett: Not here. 9 am tomorrow morning that book will be on the shelves four days earlier than planned

Which raises the issue--did he expedite the release of the book because of the lawsuit threat that according to Painter, had no chance of succeeding?


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