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Tabloid Trump puts fire and fury into speculation overload

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jared ivankaDonald Trump issued a cease and desist letter to Henry Holt and Company, publisher, Michael Wolff, author of “Fire and Fury,” Steve Bannon, and, soon enough, everyone in the United States who can read. Katie Tur, a MSNBC reporter previously attacked by Trump, called the revelations by Trump’s staff akin to “cannibalism on the deck of the Titanic.”

 The White House, not surprisingly, has called the book “tabloid journalism.” That would be the kind of journalism Trump thrived on in his private life, so much so that he impersonated a non-existent press agent to brag about himself to what he now calls the “fake” media. With Trump, however, anytime a negative comment is published about him it’s labeled fake. The problem for the President, in this instance, is that it isn’t Democrats, or renegade Republican senators, who’re calling him an inept dotard, it’s Trump’s own staff. It’s an unprecedented turn.

There’s plenty of new fodder for Trump’s enemies to support an argument that he’s the worst president in the history of the Republic; good news for relatives of President James Buchanan. Some of the revelations are so personal, however, that there’re too much information. If Trump needs to leave, it’s because his administration benefitted from Russia’s involvement in the last election, harm he’s doing to the regulatory framework and the environment, not because he eats McDonalds meals in bed and strips his own sheets.

Similarly, Trump’s alleged lack of focus, and purported attention deficits are not, per se, disqualifications for his high office. After Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke his wife, Edith, became the first female president. When Ronald Reagan began to suffer from early Alzheimer’s his wife, also, stepped in, aided by a psychic, to bridge the gap. Justice William O. Douglas’ wife, Cathy, was another spouse who did much of her husband’s work following his debilitating stroke. It’s bad luck, for Trump, there’s no family member capable of filling any gaps caused by mental deterioration, sickness, or fundamental unsuitability for office.

Wolff contends that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law, Jared, plotted among themselves to mount a campaign, in due course, to make her the first woman president. It represents, if true, a massive presumption, but one that might explain Ivanka’s sitting in at gatherings of world leaders, presence at some of the highest-level meetings taken by the executive branch, and a White House office, nearby where Jared, also, worked.

There were sound business reasons for Trump to run for president. Balloon payments, according to financial reports, were coming due on at least one troubled property, Trump SoHo, and Jared was facing a similar problem with his family’s flagship at 666 5th Avenue. The boost the presidency could provide businesses owned by both men would be incalculable.

Thanks to Wolff, another motive is suggested. Did Ivanka and Jared manipulate a debilitated, allegedly unfit, narcissistic old man to run for president to enhance Ivanka’s own designs on the White House and, then, colluded with Russia to enhance his chance of success? However improbable, it’s a possibility that Trump, himself, didn’t collude directly, as he says, but was trapped by a play made by ambitious, motivated, relatives who now require his protection.


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