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Louisiana Senator Kennedy ok's Trump's evolving on immigration plan

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kennedy cnnToday, US Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana once again appeared on Cable morning news. The topic for discussion today was President Donald Trump, the immigration bill, possible shut down of the federal government and what he would do if he had control over the situation.

 Kennedy, who is a freshman in the Congressional upper body has become a go-to-guy for the TV cameras. Perhaps  the networks like his slow, folksy-straight talk on the order of President Lyndon Johnston or Sam Ervin, of Watergate fame.  Perhaps he presents himself as a moderate among partisans engaged in perpetual tug-of-war.

He did, however, make a statement today that might come back and haunt him should he decide to run for Louisiana governor against John Bel Edwards, ad Democrat.

The issue is—when do changed opinions become acceptable as evolving vs.John Kerry-type flipflops?

Kennedy appears to accept Trump’s change of course, one that ended up causing surprise and disruption last week as a bipartisan group made up by Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin, who thought they had a deal.  Kennedy also seemed to accept more similar presidential uncertainties in the future, whether it be the immigration bill or other legislation.

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Here is a rough transcript of the conversation with Chris Cuomo.

CUOMO: is the president in favor of Chip extension, Child Healthcare program extension?

KENNEDY: I think so 

CUOMO: you think so 

KENNEDY: The president changed his mind. I think so. The president changed his mind on immigration.  Yes now there's nothing wrong with that, thinking people change their minds all the time.  You do, I do, most Americans do-- when they test their assumptions against the arguments of others.

Having said that, we need to know where the president stands because let's suppose we reach an agreement where the Democrats, and I think we will-- I want to know if the president is going to sign it and I respectfully ask him to please put on the table exactly what he would accept.   If he changes his mind after he puts it on the table, pick up the phone and call and say "hey I changed my mind on this but let's talk"

CUOMO: Why hasn't that happened he's supposed to be Master of the art of the deal and it seems like he's just injecting confusion as opposed to any kind of conciliation?

KENNEDY: Well I don't know, it could be a number of things. I honestly don't know. I probably shouldn't speculate but it could be because he's getting conflicting advice. He could be using it as and negotiating tactic, you know, in reality some people change and do things when they see the light.   Others need to feel the heat around Congress.  It seems as if we can't get anything done, which I regret, until we feel the heat.  If I Were King for the day and I'm not, and I don't aspire to be, what I would do is take strong immigration bill and go through regular order send it to committee let everybody offer their Amendment and then bring it to the floor and let us talk-- not just about amnesty, but let us talk about a rationally base color blind immigration system like Australia has.  Let us talk about e-verify. Put it on the table and let everybody vote and something will pass and something won't and will try to..

Kennedy also said that he did not believe the DACA situation was an emergency.

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