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Graham calls Trump’s aide, Stephen Miller “outlier”, blasts him on DACA, Shut down

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graham millerSenator Lindsey Graham, golfing buddy of President Donald Trump has criticized White House staff Stephen Miller again for getting in the way of a DACA deal and a federal government shut down deal.


Graham, who has blamed the White House staff but not the President, had previously spoken up to the President after Trump made the alleged comments about “s-hole” nations.

Here is part of what Graham said today:

The White House staff I think is make the White House staff I think is making it very difficult. I enjoy working with them but let me give you two examples of the problem: there was a handout given to the bipartisan group last Tuesday for the president did a masterful job on television for 55 minutes regarding border security.  it was a very detailed border security plan that I could support and Phase 2 but not phase 1.   the president looked at it and said "who did this? this is way too much, i didn't approve this" t

Then we also heard the president say that the18 billion dollar request for border security was too much, I could do it for less.   and I think you can.  so what does the White House staff do a couple of days later? they pitch a proposal for 33 billion--so that's just not credible. I've talked with the president ,his heart is right on this issue and I think he's got a good understanding of what will sell and every time we have a proposal it is only yanked back by staff member.  As long as Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration we're going nowhere.  He's been an outlier for years.  There's a deal to be had.

 DACA Plus for more border security funding--I heard Chuck Schumer say that he agreed to more wall funding which I think is absolutely appropriate and we're going to have to do something with legal immigration increases because we don't have the workers we need. 


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