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Hillyer: Those wanting to shut down Mueller's Russia probe aren’t patriots

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trump patriotBy now, it appears that President Donald Trump is admitting that Russia meddled with the United States elections. On Friday, Robert Mueller unveiled a sprawling indictment that traced exactly how this was done and perhaps, is still being accomplished.

Yet, on one side, there are some who are claiming Trump colluded with Russians and on the other side, believe the investigation is a hoax, despite the evidence alleged by Mueller, and that the investigation should be shut down.

On Monday, I interviewed conservative columnist Quin Hillyer about Trump, Mueller and the Russian probe. Hillyer is a Republican who has written for the Washington Times and other publications, is a contributing editor for the National Review. Some might consider him to be a never-Trumper although he has given Trump praise for various policy decisions arising from the administration, including the recent tax reform act.

During the interview, we discussed the recent response by President Trump and others avid pro-Trumpers concerning the Russian probe and the past indictment.

Here is the initial part of our discussion which begins at the 1:02 mark and ends at the 5:35 mark on the Youtube video.

SABLUDOWSKY: What do you think is going on, in particular, with the Mueller investigation?

HILLYER: Bob Mueller is doing exactly what he's supposed to do which is to conduct a counterterrorism investigation and prosecute anybody who he finds to have committed a crime that he uncovers in the virtue of, in the pursuit of the counterterrorism investigation. He has I think up I think he's now made 17 total indictments. He, I would say this is not the even the beginning of the end of his probe at the end of the beginning of his probe. These, these investigations tend to take you know at least two years he's only, he's only nine months into it the entire thing is still less than two years old and I think he's making great progress and I think anybody on both sides needs to shut the bleep up let him do his work stop and everybody else should stop jumping to conclusions and stop politicizing the thing.

SABLUDOWSKY: Ok, so a lot of people on Facebook, elsewhere or saying to me that they think that there is no collusion the indictments came out so far nothing has indicated in any kind of collusion at all

HILLYER: They're totally missing the point and they're either willfully ignorant or they are political hacks. This is an investigation not to try to prove that Trump or somebody colluded with the Russians which by the way collusion is not even a crime although conspiracy is-- this is an investigation to find out if indeed the Russians tried to undermine our Republican, smaller republican processes and right now it is looking like they did. And it's a counterterrorism investigation and whether or not they find anything on Trump has nothing to do with whether it is a valid investigation and anybody that that says well if it if it's not collusion with Trump, they need to shut it down, they're just not, they're not even Patriots. This is about stopping Russia from interfering in our democratic process. And anybody that doesn't care about that is not a patriot.


HILLYER: I mean look, this is not, this does not have to be about Trump to be an important investigation. We know for a fact and Trump's own CIA director and national security adviser have both said numerous times that it is absolutely 100% proven that Russia tried in multiple ways to interfere with our elections. Those are Trump appointees saying that.

Well if we had a president worth his salt who wasn't so concerned about yelling "I didn't do it, I didn't do it, I didn't do it", if we had a real president worth his salt, he would be out there saying, "this is an outrage with Russia tried to do, we need to get to the bottom of it, we need to figure out how to stop it in the future and we need to figure out how to punish it

SABLUDOWSKY: Now I would say that the counter augment would be that he feels that the investigation is so disrupting his administration, what he wants to do, that he's just exercising his right to complain

HILLYER: That, that's sick. you know what? That's sick. There is absolutely no reason this investigation should disrupt his administration. And the only reason it's disrupting his administration is because he is sickeningly obsessed with it. If he just goes about his business of being president of the United States and let Mueller do his job, then it doesn't need to touch him at all, especially, or it certainly doesn't need to touch him or his people if he's innocent and if they're innocent. And if they're not innocent then it should disrupt his administration. Either way, he's got his eye on the wrong ball and he's and he's been totally self-centered and not looking out for the country's best interests.
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