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Nunes, Trump, GOP House Intelligence results, never in doubt

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GOP HOUSE INTEL NUNES TRUMPThe Republican Majority who control the House Intelligence Committee has rendered a judgment and The New York Times reported it as follows: “‘The bottom line [is] the Russians did commit active measures against our election in ’16, and we think they will do that in the future,’ Mr. Conaway, said. But, he added, ‘We disagree with the narrative that they were trying to help Trump.’” Perish the thought!

Not to worry about Don Jr.’s glee that Russia, allegedly, was going to help his Dad win. Kiss off the reports of secret back channels, undeclared diplomatic meetings, and the rest. It’s one investigation down and two to go for the president. That’d be Mueller and Senate Intelligence. Republicans terminated the inquiry without telling Democrats, meaning the results were clearly decisive, even if they were never in doubt. Call it a sweeping victory for Devin Nunez and the White House.

The Don Jr. meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians that was attended by Kush, Manafort, and Bannon -just chalk it up to youthful enthusiasm and poor time management. Jr. said it was a was a waste of time, and he’d know best. The miscellaneous pow-wows with the Russian ambassador -they were just normal transition stuff. Those confabs with banker types taken by Kushner -that was just him trying to keep a 5th Avenue white elephant afloat so he could concentrate on government business. Sensible.

What could Russia possibly gain, anyway, by attempts to inveigle for one candidate over the other? Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin, true, had a feud, but nothing like Donald and Rosie. God forbid! Clinton, probably, would’ve lifted sanctions against Russia, anyway, so middle class American families could import Russian orphans, again, like premium Vodka.

There’s nothing Clinton could’ve said about Putin that the femme-liberation punk band Pussy Riot hadn’t already said. Rioters were set to start a world tour, but a couple of band members went AWOL, thus leaving the group’s engagements in limbo.

Notwithstanding their rancor toward him, Putin remains wildly popular at home, so there.  

Any WikiLeaks contacts are, likewise, meaningless because Julian Assange is an equal opportunity publisher of American secrets -no matter who runs the show. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to talk to him? He may be the most interesting man in the world. Then, there’s Eric Prince, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ brother, who grabbed a headline, or two, for having a drink with some Russian guy in the Seychelles. Please!

On the flip side, anyone seeking evidence of Russian collusion with the Clinton campaign need look no further than the Steele dossier. That whale has a bigger belly than the Podesta and DNC’s in-boxes combined. Maybe, Trump didn’t collude, as he says, which isn’t the same things as obstructing, but that’s a mere technicality. Maybe Clinton did. Maybe no one did. Maybe everyone did. It’s all very Delphic. Fittingly.


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