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Is Mueller crossing Trump's red line where GOP House Intel failed to go

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RED LINE TRUMPToday, we learn that the Robert Mueller forces are apparently sending his troops up to, if not, beyond the Trump red line. 

Despite threats of shutting down the special counsel operation, Mueller is on the march as he is reported to have issued subpoenas to the Trump Organization. So goes a real investigation, not the cowardly corrupt activity we saw led by the notoriously deceptive, Devin Nunes.


In fact, despite what one might read on social media, watch on Fox News and Hannity, the House Intel Committee did NOT find “no collusion” when it shut down its pathetic attempt to protect this country from outside influence.  Nor did it find that the Russians only wanted to disrupt rather than to do that and to ensure Hillary lost, or by extension, that Trump would win. 


That honor went to the very partisan GOP majority of that Intel committee, let by the midnight rider, Devin Nunes, who came to these conclusions.  The also very partisan Democratic minority did not make such findings. Any attempt to claim the entire Intel committee and not just the Republican members of that committee, are engaging in poppycock bull.

The whole notion that a time period should be determinative for this investigation of this scope is absurd.  I can’t tell you how often I have heard such foolishness—“fourteen months and found nothing”.  Well, let’s be honest. This investigation is very document-rich. It is internationally oriented. It involves scores of classified documents. The political environment is super-charged and highly influenced by the most powerful person in the world. Many of the same people using days, weeks or months as a conclusive factor for closing down the operation were the loudest proponents of a continued investigation into the Clintons, investigations that last three years.   

True, three Americans were killed with Benghazi and those Clinton emails were a risk to American national security.  However, American democracy is not “chopped liver”. Democracy is a concept over which Americans have sacrificed their lives. Democracy makes this country different than any people. anywhere in the world.  Putting an arbitrary time limit because the president is getting uncomfortable with facts or that a political party feels it needs to protect its leader is simply beyond comprehension.  

Although it was called an investigation, in reality, it was not. The GOP majority went way out of its way to block it from succeeding. They refused to allow the public to watch the investigations. They refused to subpoena witnesses that simply did not want to cooperate. They refused to require the necessary documents that might be needed for interrogating the witnesses.  If the House Republican Intel Committee were engaged in private litigation as private attorneys, they would be engaging in gross malpractice for handling the case the way it did. 

The GOP majority will rue the very day that it failed to act to protect this country. Some are using this kangaroo-court committee investigation to assert that it is proof there is no collusion, no obstruction, no wrongdoing at all. Those doing so are lying to themselves. Ultimately, sure, it is possible, as time proceeds, as long as President Donald Trump does not intentionally shut down the Mueller and the Senate Intelligence Committee probes, we might get to the bottom.  There might be nothing found but ultimately we will have come to a legitimate place of truth.  That time is not now, for sure and the House Republican Intel committee has neglected its highest duty. 

Anybody who claims there is no collusion is engaging in as much propaganda as those claiming there is. None of us know what Mueller has or doesn't have.  Today, it is no less than the New York Times who reported that Mueller has subpoenaed records from Trump’s business, Trump Organization. Has the former FBI Director actually crossed the so-called “red line”? Maybe he has, but, if that is where the evidence leads us, we must follow.  


Meanwhile, the House refused to look into those financial dealings of the President. There is a legitimate reason to be concerned about his business deals. He is covering up something. He is the only presidential candidate in forty years to not show his taxes. He has years of close relations with Russian billionaires. His sons have told us about the significant amount of revenue coming in from Russia. He failed to disclose his active attempts to build Trump Tower, at the very time he was running for US President. The list is long and weighty. America needs answers. Our allies are distrusting our President and this country because of Trump's failures to personally confront Russia and Putin. Something is going on. Already we know the president is blackmailable. Just ask Stormy Daniels.

Meanwhile, the GOP House Intel committee punted. As Stephen Bannon and others have said publicly, the financial dealings are at the heart and soul of the reasons the President should be investigated. We have seen a history of this president telling us one thing and trying to hush up the truth.

Enough is enough. Our international security is on the line. That is much more important to the country than the President's popularity, agenda or legacy. It surely is much more important than whether Republicans or Democrats maintain control of Congress.

America’s future depends upon our actions now. It is especially important now that the GOP House Intel failed us.

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