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Crouere: Jeanine Pirro, victim of abusive The View whoopi and hollering

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Several weeks ago, ABC made a major public spectacle of firing Roseanne Barr for posting an offensive tweet about former Obama White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett. Within hours of the tweet, Barr was removed from her successful show. Of course, on the program, Barr portrayed a Trump supporting middle class woman spouting traditional American values. Her show found a huge viewing audience because it was not the usual mix of a leftist agenda with politically correct dialogue. Even though she apologized, ABC had no qualms about removing Barr, but continuing with a show that did not feature its major star.

The network did not show the same sense of outrage yesterday when Whoopi Goldberg, the co-host of their daily talk program The View, verbally abused Fox News TV host Judge Jeanine Pirro both during and after the show.

Pirro was invited on the show to promote her new book, but it soon degenerated into a shouting match with Goldberg, who became upset when Pirro accused her of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Goldberg claimed that “I have never seen anybody whip up such hate” as Donald Trump.

In response, Pirro defended the President and noted “You know what’s horrible? When people who shouldn’t be here end up murdering the children of American citizens!” This was too much for Goldberg, who fired back, “What is horrible is when the president of the United States whips up people to beat the hell out of people … Say goodbye. I’m done!”

With that the interview was cut short and Pirro left the set and was attempting to exit the building, but not before being the victim of more abuse. Whoopi yelled at the Judge ““F**k you, Get the F**k out of this building.”

To treat a guest like this is unacceptable. Clearly, ABC should have immediately fired Goldberg for her abusive conduct.  Even Goldberg realized that she acted inappropriately. She apologized to the audience in the next segment, “You saw me do something I very rarely do. I very rarely lose my cool and I’m not proud of it. I don’t like it. But I also don’t like being accused of being hysterical because that is one of the things I try not to be on this show.”

Of course, ABC is not a fair and balanced network, it is controlled by liberals who advance that ideology in all of their programming. If a conservative host had treated an Obama supporter the same way on the network, that person would have been fired. In reality, there are no conservative hosts on ABC. For example, on The View, there are five anti-Trump, mostly liberal hosts.

Pirro accepted the invitation to appear on the program knowing that she was outnumbered and would be facing tough questions. Sadly, it went much further, into the area of abusive treatment. Pirro admitted the hosts were “gunning for me.” For the Judge, the whole experience was “stunning.” Noting she was “shut down in my attempt to answer questions in a place where I was invited on.”

To learn more about the Judge’s experience, listen to my radio interview with her on today’s Ringside Politics show on WGSO 990-AM and Here is a link to today’s podcast.

The interview with the Judge begins at the 02:03:15 mark. Enjoy!


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