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Weak-on-crime Trump now strong on Google Birther conspiracy

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While Donald Trump should get credit for continuing the President Obama US economic recovery and while he absolutely deserves credit for expanding it with deregulations and corporate tax cuts, the harm he is doing in other areas cannot be overstated.

In the past week, I have become even more convinced that he is not only very weak on crime but is creating more FAKE scandal for political purposes.  Of course, I should also add to the mix his incredible inability to get beyond his own sense of self which was on full display this weekend until yesterday after war hero and extraordinary US Senator, John McCain, passed away.


So, putting aside for a second that Trump seems to be operating at half-mast when it comes to credibility and decency, let me focus upon the criminal weakness and the latest conspiracy theory he appears to be promoting.


Over the past two weeks, Trump sank to a new low regarding his attack upon the judicial system.


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As we know, his former Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort was facing a 12-person jury over tax and bank fraud and other offenses. Part two of the special prosecutor case is set for September.

The current president could not abstain from commenting upon the trial. During jury deliberations, he made his voice loud and clear that he thought the case against Manafort was a witch hunt. Never mind that when President Barack Obama wrongfully spoke out during the early moments of the Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman case, the right-wing world was up in arms that Obama would openly say that Martin could have been his own son. The right wing had a right to be upset about this at the time. However, Obama remained hush throughout the trial and after it was over, the president said the jury had spoken.

Compare this to the current White House occupant.

Trump took to the tubes denouncing the prosecutor, propped up the guilty Manafort and even stated that the most powerful tool in prosecutor’s toolbox might be against the law.


The President of the United States, the man who has the keys to the judicial system ignored the fact that twelve Americans found Trump’s campaign chairman guilty on eight counts of the white-collar crime of bank fraud and tax fraud. Worse, Trump appeared to be promoting destroying the absolute need for flipping to prosecute those higher up the chain.

In essence, Trump is outright stating that people like New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin who was convicted of corruption because others flipped then fingering him--should not have been found guilty.

The potential damage to our judicial system? Attorneys for defendants should not be shy reminding the jury that President Trump, himself, the man in charge of the Justice Department, is advocating ending the practice of flipping, kinda a, at least.

Never have I seen anything like this in the land of criminal justice destruction.  And for what?

The answer is very simple and clear. Trump is afraid that his administration and his own name would be greatly tarnished should the feds decide to seek justice against one of kids, or worse, against him.


We all remember how Donald Trump disgracefully used the birther movement to launch his political campaign. We remember how he suddenly stated in the campaign’s last months that the President was born in America. He never told us how he suddenly discovered this historical fact. Nor did he apologize for the racist damage he had caused in sowing doubt upon the first African American head of the country.

Today, Trump is all out claiming Google Search is conspiring against conservatives. His own administration stated later today that the President is calling for government control of Google.

I have heard about the so-called bias by the major technology companies against conservatives. A right-wing reporter published a column claiming her searches were substantially skewed against conservative publications in favor of mainstream media, and therefore against Trump. Thus, early this morning, Trump tweets that Google needs to be controlled.

While I am not denying the possibility of political bias, anybody who has studied search engines knows that there are enormous power in the algorithms. They depend upon the credibility of the content, not the political bias. If a publication is viewed by those who are authorities on issues as a go-to publication, if there are substantial relevant links coming from other sites to that publication, the ranking in Google search and Google News is enhanced. There are dozens of other factors. However, the principle is simple. If you like someone and others like that same person, that person becomes popular. Pretty basic stuff.

The claim of political bias is not limited to Google. Conservatives are claiming that twitter is also being used against them. Perhaps so. However, every time I look at my twitter feed, I get the most conservative twitter posters, from Donald Trump Jr., to the Fox News crowd to President Trump. This morning, the first liberal or moderate tweet was way down the twitter list. What is this, bias in favor of the right wing on my own twitter feed?

Which is what Trump essentially is claiming but in reverse.  And based upon what evidence does he make this claim so that the talk radio crowd becomes convinced that the fix is on against them?

Ask yourself, what evidence? Did he contact Google and ask them how they “stack” against he and his kin? Did he contact an expert this morning, somebody who has studied algorithms and did Trump provide those findings to us? The President of the United States has information at his access that none of us have. Did he rely upon it? I don’t think so. Instead, in response to an opinion piece in a right-wing rag, Trump tweeted to his tens of millions another conspiracy, just like he did when he claimed Obama tapped his phone.

This type of behavior by Trump is simply dangerous. It is unhealthy. His followers are wanting another reason to feel resentment, and he, like always, is willing to peddle.

While yes, there is a possibility that in the google search process, there could be a tainting. But, the leader of the free world has a duty. He has an obligation to us all. He should not just throw out misinformation or make blatently uncertain allegations, that is, unless and until he has real facts.

President Birther is now birthing Google.

With his attacks upon the Manafort jury and outcome, with his blast against “flipping:”, he is showing us that his legal self-protection primes over protecting us against criminal elements.

In short, he is flying half-cocked and half-mast.


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