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Monday, 17 September 2018 17:12

Deciding Ford vs. Kavanaugh: The raping of a nation

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The recent news explosion of allegations of rape being made by a now-Stanford professor Christine Ford against the then teenager and now Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, is raging.

It’s another issue separating left from right, Trumpers from the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd and pro-lifers versus pro-choicers. It has taken center stage. Move over drenched Carolinas. Take the bench for a while Paul Manafort.

The internet is a-blazed with chargers, counter-charges, hate speech, threats and political spam.

Those ardent supporters of Kavanaugh blast the thirty-six year old claims as political slander being practiced by a liberal, in conspiracy with Senator Diane Feinstein on the eve of a successful nomination vote. They insist that the left will disrupt the chances of a rock-hard conservative taking the highest-court bench and recent outbursts at the Congressional hearings is proof positive as to how far they will go.


Others call the nominee a rapist and unfit to be on the US Supreme Court.

Indeed, if Kavenaugh did commit this heinous act, he would have committed a felonious criminal act. Apparently, it appears America might get a chance to compare claims and possibly hear comparative testimonies.

Yes, one must be suspicious as to why the revelation has taken so long to emerge. The alleged victim’s credibility is on the line and so is that of the Democrats and those trying to disrupt a process anyway they can.

However, Kavanaugh claims the allegation is categorically and absolutely false.   If the professors charges are true, all of us can decide whether the good reputation of a man should be besmirched by a political lynch mob, who also happen to be defending their own sense of justice--that nobody should be victimized in such a manner, by anyone, not even the early and intoxicated rendition of the next US Supreme Court Justice

More importantly, however, the reason this matter is so critical to the nation and to our institution has less to do with 36 years ago, than with today. The ultimate question is this—can this nation allow a Supreme Court justice nominee take the bench if he is found to be lying to this country about a matter that would embarrass himself, destroy his judicial career and wreck a family?

If he is currently lying, he does not belong on the bench, regardless as to how this controversy has arisen.

So, let the allegations take their course, for better or for worse.  However, our definitively deciding the facts of this case, based upon our own biases, without hearing any evidence at all is our own raping of this nation’s decencies. We are better than that.

The facts must emerge, not political partisanship.

The truth must prevail, whether we like it or not.

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