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Friday, 09 November 2018 18:41

Democrat's blue wave and Trump's scorched earth

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Now that the mid terms elections are over, just where exactly is this nation going under President Trump?

That’s what many wanted to know after the blue tsunami turned out to be more of a blue wave, something that the President’s ego could not take.

Instead, at the press conference, he spun, and weaved and deceived and he even almost claimed total victory.

The truth, I believe that many of us could see-- President Trump is scared. He’s scared that he and his family personal, political and financial future are now greatly jeopardized.

How else can one explain the bizarre and pathetic responses when asked about his willingness to work with the Democrats should they investigate him in the House?

The President had no problem at all with Republicans investigating Hillary Clinton for eight years. He had no problem at all pushing the Republican House to release classified information that would severely destroy our relationships with our world partners and dry up our intelligence sources.

But, now, when his hench men no longer have the power to investigate or to stop subpoenas, it’s a totally different story.

Here is the transcript of part of the press conference that I believe tells it all. These few sentences tell us how much he thinks of this nation compared to himself.

Q The real question is, you just said up here, and said from this podium, that it’s — are you offering a my-way-or-highway scenario to the Democrats? You’re saying —
THE PRESIDENT: No. Negotiation. Not at all.
Q — that if — if they start investigating you, that you can play that game and investigate them.
THE PRESIDENT: Oh, yeah. Better than them.
Q Can you compartmentalize that —
THE PRESIDENT: And I think I know more — and I think I know more than they know.
Q Can you compartmentalize that and still continue to work with them for the benefit of the rest of the country? Or are you —
Q Are all bets off?
THE PRESIDENT: No. If they do that, then it’s just — all it is, is a warlike posture.
Yeah, go ahead.
Q And so then the — wait a minute, then the follow-up then —
THE PRESIDENT: You heard my answer.

Yes, we heard his answer. “You investigate me and I will use the force of my powers and those of the US Senate and I will investigate you. And you can forget about healthcare, job security, infrastructure and all of those promises I made to you”. 

Trump is essentially saying, “You go after me and I will scorch this earth”.

This is the way that the President of the United States treats those who simply want to make sure that he and his family have done nothing wrong to jeopardize our security and that they have followed the laws of this country.

This is personal selfishness and nihilism at its very worse.

When is the Republican Party going to stand up and say, “no, we won’t go down that road”?

The time is now.

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