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US plays Russian roulette under Trump’s time in barrel

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The land of the free and the home of the brave under Donald Trump has become a fearsome place for outsiders. When the first tear gas canister was fired towards refugees at the San Ysidro, CA, border crossing, the administration lost whatever remaining moral authority it had. The action could be construed unfavorably under the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ratified seventy years ago, in 1948, and the photos of barefoot children in diapers running from tear gas will accompany Trump’s history, forever.


Each American must ask themselves how far down the path to compliance they are willing to go to maintain Trump’s lifestyle of self-service, paranoia, antithetical tactics, and reckless willfulness. These predilections impede those traditional values which, historically, have made this country the envy of the world. Instead of strong, under Trump, we’ve become weak, rent by internal dissensions orchestrated from the oval office.

Trump was the publisher of the notion that rock-throwing justifies the use of deadly force, and proclaimed it loud and clear before the media. Americans weren’t the only ones who heard his words. The Nigerian Army cited them to justify the killing, according to Amnesty International, of forty rock-throwing protesters on Friday, 11/02/18. It wasn’t an isolated event. The Nigerian military killed 350 members of the same group, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, in 2015. Their crime is that they’re vocal Shiites.

Some believe the San Ysidro incident was a smokescreen designed to distract from Trump’s other two major problems, Robert Mueller and Vladimir Putin. Trump is deranged about Mueller and is, no doubt, anxious about being schooled by a one-time KGB officer on geopolitics, and other topics of mutual, if not personal, interest. As a run-up to the meeting, Putin seized Ukraine vessels, by force, on specious territorial grounds. That’s probably O.K. with Trump, but he won’t gain anything but political scorn if he blesses the sea-jacking and, therefore, should catch a cold and bow out of the meet.

On Monday, 11/28/2018, Mueller filed an update in the case of The United States of America vs. Paul Manafort. It alleged that the defendant repeatedly lied to investigators after he agreed to cooperate. Genre buffs will recognize the old mob trick. The filing voided a reduced sentence plea deal contingent on cooperation. Manafort was never going to testify against Trump in open court, anyway, but it would’ve been good theatre. After he’s sentenced, the Southern District of New York can take its bite of the apple.

In other news, Trump was good enough to his foes to draw a rebuke from the Chief Justice, John Roberts, for attacking the courts. The stunt, however, merely insured Justice Kavanaugh has to vote against Trump in future cases. The New York Times reported on Trump’s failed plan to criminally prosecute Hillary Clinton and G-Man James Comey, banana republic style. About climate change, Trump did, finally, address climate change. He said, “something’s happening, but “it’ll probably reverse itself.” Tell that to the penguins.


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