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Don't blame or taunt Trump for shutdown lift; Time to get serious & negotiate

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President Donald Trump has announced the settlement of the longest government shutdown in American history. 

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Now, it is time to get serious.

Trump was blasted by his base for accepting a prior deal on the wall. Now, he’s being sliced and diced by the same folks

The Democrats have said they would not negotiate while the government is under hostage. That’s over. What is not over is the issue whether the United States needs a wall.

While I disagree with the way that Trump has approached the entire immigration issue since he announced his presidency, and while I am uncertain whether a wall is absolutely needed or not needed, I am certain about one thing. Democrats, the main stream media will be making a major mistake if they take this opportunity to gloat and announce a major victory and White House capitulation.

Instead, it is time to negotiate in good faith. It is time to give President Trump credit for making immigration a major issue. It is time for Trump to realize that he did not break any legitimate campaign promise. Anybody who really believed that Trump was going to make Mexico pay for the wall, which was his pledge, should check into the loony bin for being politically gullible.

Now it is time to get to work and do what is right for the country, not for any political party or against any political leader. If a wall is absolutely needed, let’s get it.  If less of a wall is required, let’s approve that.

The US government has been on shut down for too many days. Let us not shut down the opportunities to find resolution when others demand political scalps.

Above are a selection of tweets post-Trump border wall-government shutdown announcement.


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