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No proud member of Trump's & Duke's Republican Party

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by Tom Aswell, Publisher of

My response to the Republican National Committee:


  • It no longer makes any pretense of supporting individuals’ Constitutional rights;
  • It no longer makes any pretense of fiscal responsibility as evidenced by the national deficit which has CLIMBED to $1 trillion rather than being reduced as promised by Trump;
  • It no longer embraces the concept of rational conservatism but instead, in the very words of RONALD REAGAN, JR., in describing Trump: “He’s obsessed with ratings and things like that, but he doesn’t actually engage with the idea of being the president of the United States. Not interested in learning anything in particular. And so, he just sort of floats along day to day in this stew of chaos that he creates.”
  • The Republican Party has capitulated to corporate America with its so-called tax reform that only benefits the wealthiest one percent at the expense of working Americans;
  • The Republican Party has sold its soul to the Second Amendment while looking the other way as Trump and his allies in the party try to destroy the First Amendment. Even one of my own U.S. Senators, BILL CASSIDY, has sponsored a bill that would cast a chill over the First Amendment by labeling Antifa as a terrorist organization without batting an eye at the PROUD BOYS or other WHITE NATIONALIST GROUPStied to TRUMP and his attorney general, WILLIAM BARR.


In short, the Republican Party, led by the likes of Trump and Mitch McConnell, more resembles a totalitarian party than one that represents the American citizens.

The Republican Party no longer is the stalwart opponent of the communist government of Russia and North Korea, as evidenced by its silence when Trump fawns over those countries’ leaders.

The Republican Party is no longer the staunch, proud opponent of slavery, as evidenced by its deafening silence over the caging of children who are forced to live in squalid conditions no animal should be forced to endure.

  • You ask in your questionnaire if I believe “that Democrats in Congress have any intention of working in good faith with President Trump and Republicans to address the pressing issues facing our nation.” I remind you that since January alone, the House has passed bills on comprehensive democratic reform (election security), pay equity for women, gender discrimination, dreamers protection, prescription drug costs, pre-existing conditions, background checks—all of which Mitch McConnell blocked in the Senate. So, just who is not working in “good faith”?
  • You asked in your questionnaire if I agreed that “Democrats have not said or done enough to stop their radical left-wing supports and fringe groups from harassing and launching violent protests against people with differing opinions.” I direct you to Charlottesville, San Diego, Dayton, Orlando, El Paso, Charleston, and elsewhere and ask that you please tell me exactly which fringe group those perpetrators represented. I would also suggest you examine the arrests of those planning white nationalist attacks and then tell me just who the hell poses the greatest threat—white nationalist Trump supporters or suspected Democrats who heckle and hold counter-protests in opposition to groups like the Proud Boys, the American Freedom Party, The White Boys Society, or hundreds of other such groups?

David Duke must be so proud of you.

  • You asked in your questionnaire if I am worried “that the hateful, divisive rhetoric of many Democrat leaders against our President, his administration and conservative policies is fomenting political violence and undermining the foundations of our society and democracy?” Oh, for God’s sake, where to start. I suppose by offering to provide you with a half-dozen (at a minimum) examples of Trump’s “hateful and divisive rhetoric” for every example you can provide of the same for Democrats. I dare you to take me up on that challenge.

I’m sorry, but I do not believe a truly patriotic political party would stand silently by while the president smugly refers to himself as “the chosen one.” A truly patriotic party would not stand idly by as he drives the country—and the world—into a recession with his chaotic trade policies. A party with an iota of dignity and self-respect might even ask Trump to “pick a position and stay with it; quit flip-flopping.” A truly responsible party would not condone the description of African countries as “shit-hole countries.” A truly patriotic party would never look the other way as innocent children are caged without toothpaste, blankets or clean clothing. A party that sincerely loves this country would address solutions to mass shootings in an adult, responsible way—instead of offering the by now cliché “thoughts and prayers,” and mumbling, “Now is not the time to make this (pick a shooting) tragedy a political issue.”

I have long lamented the fact that we were losing jobs to countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, India and Korea because of cheap labor. On that point, I can agree with Trump. Most people I know do, too. We would love nothing better than to see manufacturing jobs returned to this country. But no one, including POTUS, can “order” American companies to cease doing business with China. If such an order were to be implemented, Walmart would be out of business within a week. Such an “order” is the type action only a dictator would—or could—take.

Or, perhaps the “Chosen One.”

Here is the POTUS order-by-tweet:


Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and making your products in the USA.

In short, the Republican party is despicable, disgusting, uncaring, callous, and unresponsive to the concerns of this country.

So, no, I shall not be contributing one dime to any candidate, national or local, who indicates his unwavering, unquestioning, devotion and loyalty to such a monster as Donald J. Trump or Mitch McConnell—and that includes our two Republican candidates for governor of the state of Louisiana who proudly wear their lack of moral courage and convictions on their sleeves.

Not necessarily a proud Democrat, but for damned sure not a Republican,

Tom Aswell

(Disclaimer: I post this with the full knowledge that Trump’s core supporters will come out of the woodwork to nail me to the wall. So, having acknowledged that fact, enjoy yourselves. I would never deny anyone the right of free expression because that’s the American way. Just keep it clean and civil.)

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