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Blow the whistle: Trump, staff must testify, just the facts

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How indecent can one man and his royal pretender be?

President Donald Trump and US Senator Rand Paul want to out a whistleblower who launched the Ukraine controversy that has morphed into an impeachment inquiry. Both men, including their right-wing media dogs are yapping loudly and coarsely about how the whistleblower is anti-Trump, therefore, the entire impeachment proceeding must be fatally tainted.   They claim that not only must the government watchdog’s identity be revealed but he must face the public crucible.

 In making these demands, they seem not to care about the fact that doing so would violate the Whistleblower Act, the constitution and would seriously endanger this person’s life and family. The president has already been on TV and Twitter rabid rant.  He has, essentially called the government employee, a traitor and a low-life human scum. He cares not that his words and his behaviors matter. His religious advisors openly proclaim that “to say no to President Trump would be saying no to God”.  Who knows what a crazed would do during times like these?

Senator Paul, a so-called libertarian ignores the right of the Whistleblower to present information to address governmental wrongdoing.  Both Trump and Paul are willing to destroy the very fabric of the law, a legal edifice that oversees Republican and Democrat administrations.  They are obliterating the rules protecting future governmental employees who feel compelled to right the wrongs they hear and see.

Today, to tens of millions, Donald Trump Jr. recklessly named the alleged whistleblower whose identity appeared in a publication.  There are no limits for the Trumps. Preservation and power comes first, not humanity and honor.

So, now that the witness protection appears to be breached, let us ask ourselves, why is the whistle-blower’s identity and the testimony relevant in the first place?  Will either get us any closer to the truth-- which is whether Donald Trump used the power of his office to force a weak ally to help him politically?   Let us assume that everything that Trump and Fox News claims is true, that the whistle blower hates Trump and is making up facts.  From a totally evidentiary and legal standpoint, what real evidence could the whistleblower provide to us that could not be obtained through other firsthand sources?

By this time, we know how whistleblowers generally operate--a neighbor calls the fire department to report a fire or a witness calls the cops to notify about a robbery.  We use whistleblowers daily to report crimes.  Sometimes, they are relevant to the facts, sometimes they merely observe. Would we need an anonymous witness reporting the bank robbery if other witnesses and video tapes exist to prove culpability?

Absolutely not.

So, why in the world would Trump, Paul and their enablers not only risk the life of a government employee but demand the public testimony when the testimony really is not needed?  Has Trump or anybody given a single reason why second and third hand accounts are essential when there is ample first-hand evidence smacking us in the face?

We hear Trump, Hannity and their cattle-callers denouncing the current impeachment inquiry as “no evidence”, “hearsay,” “witch hunt”, a “hoax”, a “fraud”, the usual Trump responses to bad news reports against him.

Those words might be accurate if they were true. They’re not.  Over the past few weeks, loyal Americans have taken personal and employment risks and have defied presidential orders. Instead of staying mum, they have met their national duties and have testified about the facts.  Trump’s claims of “no quid pro quo” and those repeats from his always-on echo chamber are quickly being undermined, daily. 

The whistleblower was only a roadmap. The witnesses who have testified are the actual landmarks presenting through their own documents and voices some of the very alleged misdeeds which Trump’s Intel Inspector General claimed credible and “urgent” and which concerns Trump’s own  intel Director confirmed as real.

So, let’s be honest with ourselves.   If we really want to get to the facts, the actual first-hand accounts, we could get the unvarnished truth. There are eyewitnesses all over who were at the scenes of the alleged crimes.  There are videotapes so to speak. They are in the minds and memories and documents of the very people who work for this very president.

Unfortunately, and ironically America is being denied access to the essential details by the very man being investigated. Just like he did with the Mueller investigation, Trump refused to testify and then completely shutdown all efforts to obtain testimony regarded Mueller’s citations of potential obstruction of justice.   Trump could have then, and could now, do like President Reagan during Iran Contra and allow the evidence to flow, and let the truth prevail cleansed by transparency.  But, Trump is no Reagan.

Instead, he is hiding the witnesses and thwarting the evidence and the facts.  The honest reality is so simple--we would not have to guess and debate about who did what.  We would know, only if Trump would free those facts.  Members of his administration know them but he won’t allow them speak, claiming executive privilege.

Ironically, Trump has eviscerated the legal protections all of us need as potential whistleblowers. Yet, the unquestioned documents and witnesses are under lock and key simply because Trump wants to protect himself.  

He is cowardly creating an evil  precedent-- that loyal Americans who see wrongdoing must identify themselves and face a vicious and perhaps deadly public.  He does this with all the power and all the answers in his own vault as he compels us to play “hide the pea”.

We are fast-approaching a real constitutional crises. It’s time for America to follow Ronald Reagan and challenge the iron shackles surrounding us all.   It is time that we demand in our own way, “Mr. Trump,  tear down those walls”.  

So, let me, in my own still quiet voice say to President Trump, the following:

Mr. Trump, stop hiding the evidence.  Face the same music you are demanding of others. Stop the’ Soviet-style’ persecution of innocent law-abiding people who want to right wrongs but whom you have no problems discarding to a hostile mob.  

Our country is on fire enveloped with flames of hate and recriminations.  If you have nothing to hide, rays of transparency will cleanse you forever.  You alone can enable the truth.   Honor us with what you demand from a witness who can’t provide a single grain of reliable evidence compared to what you hold in your own cup.

Let your administration testify.  You must testify.

You have helped “out” and demand the testimony from a constitutionally-protected government employee, all for your own political advantage, while delivering us your own silence.  You are using the weapons of   false executive privileges and complain about the lack of evidence which only you and your agents possess.

We must blow the whistle of alarm.

You demand those protected by the constitution be exposed and testify while you obstruct.

This is the epitome of personal corruption and cowardice.

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