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High or hypocritical impeachment road? Trump, GOP, McConnell must decide Featured

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The Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee have approved the two articles of impeachment against President Trump.

Next week, it will be the full house. The writing is on the wall.  Next month, the fork turns and Mitch McConnell takes his seat at the front of the impeachment table.

Now, perhaps, it is a time to reflect.

You know it has been a charade, a fraud, a hoax when a side, who has complained non-stop about the impeachment process, has no problem with the upcoming US Senate trial, even knowing that  the man in charge is assuring an acquittal.

For weeks, the Republican Party has slammed the Democrats focused upon what they consider to be unfair hearings.  They invaded one of the hearings armed with fried chicken and their phones which was against the House security rules. They tweeted non-stop how crooked was the intel chairman, Adam Schiff.  They claim Schiff lied when he read a parody. They don't state that Schiff said publcly that what he was going to read was "essentially" what was written. 


They complained that the hearing was being done in the dark, in the basement, without the president being represented and without the republican house members being able to ask questions.  They demanded that the hearings be public and that certain witnesses be called, such as the Whistleblower and Hunter Biden.

It turns out that much of what they were telling us was fraudulent. The Republicans had equal opportunity to ask questions in the same manner over the same time period. They refused to acknowledge that this part of the process was the prosecution. They refused to acknowledge that they had zero problem with closed-doors hearings during the Clinton investigations. They forgot that their own former Chairman, Trey Gowdy said how much better closed-door hearings were because you could get to the facts and evade the circus environment.

They got what they wanted, open-door hearings and they complained that it was not behind closed doors.

They failed to explain how Hunter Biden was relevant to the question of whether Trump engaged in an impeachable offense.  To show you how absurd their positions are on this issue, Hunter Biden could be the most corrupt person ever and his dad could have absolutely extorted Ukraine to help out his son. But, all of that is irrelevant. The only question is-- what did President Trump know at the time he made the decisions that he made. It is not whether we now know that Trump was justified for making any prior decision. For instance, if a husband murders his wife because he felt at the time that she was being unfaithful to him, the only issue is-- what did he think and why did he think it?   Whether or not she actually had three relationships going on at the same time if irrelevant if the husband only thought and knew that she had one.  The other evidence has nothing to do with the husband’s state of mind at the time of the crime and testimony of her other unknown affairs would be inflammatory   I am sure that the Republicans in Congress know this but truth is not of value to them.

If they wanted to get to the truth about the Bidens, they could have done what I personally have recommended that they do, which is to get Lindsey Graham to hold hearings in the US Senate. The Bidens would absolutely be relevant in a hearing about whether they did what is being alleged.  But, it is not relevant in the impeachment trial if the issue is the president’s actual knowledge and his state of mind at the time of his actions this spring and summer.

And, then, there is the whistleblower. The whistleblower was of value when the case first emerged but became of no  value once other witnesses, who had better evidence, emerged.

Today, in a press spray, Trump claimed the whistleblower disappeared after he released the phone transcript. Perhaps. But, you think that he decided he did not want to testify because he knew that others were doing so with much better knowledge of events?  And, do you think his reluctance to remain anonymous is because the president put a target on his forehead?

The president, selfishly called a traitor. He tweeted this to hundreds of  millions of people who would love nothing more than to take remedial action. But like Biden, his testimony is and was irrelevant if others had better information. 

 Trump’s claim and his efforts to out the whistleblower has done irreparable damage to the whistleblower law. Who in their right mind will ever take the risk when they know that that an employer, a government official, could now use the full weight of authority to destroy the personal credibility and put themselves and their families at risk? If the  President of the US can willfully shred the right of the whistleblower to remain private, all future lawmakers or employers who are being questioned can claim they are being unfairly treated, are victim of bias and the identity can be disclosed.

Last week, the Democrats offered Trump the opportunity to have his attorneys participate in the Judicial Committee hearings but Trump made the calculated decision not to do so. Not that he needed any help, anyway,  because his team of congressmen did one hell of a job defending him at all costs.

So, now, we’re less than a week away from an impeachment vote for the full house. The writing is on the wall that the president will be impeached and the case will move onto the US Senate. 

You would think that the Republicans who have complained non-stop about the lack of fairness would bend over backwards to ensure that they would be scrupulous to the T. Instead, we now know that the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been huddling with the President’s own White House lawyers to ensure they are on the same page.

McConnell is charged with being impartial and being fair. He is the head  judge and jury. By comparison, the House was the prosecutor.  In the past impeachment proceedings and in the criminal justice world, the suspect does not have the right to question witnesses in the grand jury.

So, will McConnell do what his party has urged the Democrats to do over the past few weeks—be fair, be transparent?

He told us all we need to know when he appeared on Hannity this week.

The Majority Leader said that “everything” he does “during this, I’m coordinating with the White House counsel. There will be no difference between the president’s position and our position as to how to handle this, to the extent that we can.”

“My hope is that there won't be a single Republican who votes for either of these articles of impeachment, and Sean, it wouldn't surprise me if we got one or two Democrats,” McConnell continued.

“The case is so darn weak coming from the House.  We know how it's going to end. There's no chance the president's going to be removed from office.”

For full disclosure, he is not alone in showing the lack of partisanship. Democrats in the US Senate have said the president should be impeached.

However, the man who will be making up the rules is guaranteeing us that the verdict is in. The man, whose wife sits as a cabinet member in the Trump campaign, has no intention of being honorable.

Did the Democrats do everything perfect? Absolutely not.  They should have explained in full detail why certain witnesses were being denied.  Nadler's decision last night to not consult with the GOP committee head on the change in voting plans might have been made for the right reason, but it simply continued the reasons for future suspicions.   But, when one screams and scolds others for not being fair, one must be and do so when the time comes.

IThey take the higher road, yes, even in politics.   They make certain that they cannot be legitimately criticized. They do things by the book. They make sure that the trial is not result-oriented. They state they will not prejudge and they make certain not to do so.

Republicans have a chance to lead by their own words. They have seen what they believe was the lack of legitimacy and decency.  But if they are going to be vindictive and engage in the same practices that they have previously cursed, their own principles of righteousnness will be forever destroyed, 

They might win the political war, but, ultimately, they will have left their coats of honor on the battlefield of hypocrisy.

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