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McConnell set for Commandments as Pelosi sends impeachment to Senate

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Nancy Pelosi has indicated today that the articles of impeachment will be forwarded to the US Senate, next week.

The Mitch McConnell-GOP impeachment show is evolving into an immorality play of near-biblical proportions.  The fate of the nation’s values hinges upon oaths we take and the truths we allow. The Impeachment of Donald Trump trial is less about the future of the 45th President of the  United States, but more about the legacy we leave this nation for future generations.


None of us should prejudge this solemn matter with innocence or guilt.  The facts before us are yet to be judged.

Yet, the Majority Leader, whose wife sits on the President Donald Trump cabinet, told us weeks ago he was going to be biased, will coordinate with the White House, and now, unfortunately, he's being true to his words. So have the Chair of Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham and other US Senators who have urged no witnesses, no new facts, no documents, no controversy, no conviction.

One would hope that the issue would be uncovering real evidence, to get to the bottom of this national nightmare. One would pray that this country could get beyond another Trump scandal de jour, by going where the testimony and documents would take us. One would think this nation would want to finally know if there is evidence justifying impeachment or if there is none. But with McConnell at the helm, this all seems like wishful thinking.

For weeks, we heard Republicans claim "unfair process," no evidence," "hearsay," when the impeachment case was in the investigative posture in the House of Representatives.  Perhaps the process was unfair or seemed to be to some, at times. If justice was indeed frail, the lesson to learn would not be to return the injustice. Our wisdom commands that we right wrongs instead.  

That, sadly, appears not to be the future.  

Common sense would tell us that a party that prided itself on law and order would demand the truth to ensure justice. You would think that they would want to find out if there is any evidence to support the allegations. Trump’s loyalists did not. Instead, they screamed and screeched, “there's nothing there”, "witch hunt,", "hoax."

Did they help to convince Trump that he should reveal documents and witnesses? No, they did his bidding to go after the whistleblower and other completely irrelevant witnesses such as Hunter Biden and Adam Schiff. They enabled Trump to protect himself.

After the House impeached Trump, more damning evidence has been uncovered that did not exist at the time of the hearings. Of course, it did not exist. Trump and his con-men hid it. Now, John Bolton says he wants to testify. You would think that the president and McConnell would say--"of course, we want these witnesses to speak under oath, we want the truth to fill the air. We want real facts, not hearsay". But we know this will not happen. The harsh realities--they don't want to hear what witnesses have to say. Never did.

They have no desire to demand evidence be presented, that documents be revealed, that witnesses be called, and that witnesses testify to the papers presented. They don't want the truth. They don't want transparency. They don't want justice.

They want power, and above all, they want to protect Trump.

McConnell, who is calling the shots, claims what was right for Clinton is good for Trump. His plan is for the two sides to present their arguments. If a majority of the Senators want to hear witnesses, then only those witnesses receiving the majority approval will be called to testify.

Of course, McConnell controls the majority. Trump will insist that the majority not allow his chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, the former National Security Advisor John Bolton, and others with actual knowledge of critical facts testify. To believe otherwise would be to accept that Santa married the tooth fairy.

Even if somehow a healthy handful of Republican Senators flip and vote for any of these witnesses, the testimony will be totally incomplete since Trump has and will sit on all relevant documents. Judging by administration responses to court records, to date, it would literally take weeks, if not months, to compile those documents required for a really fair trial.

Shame that law and order no longer matter to McConnell and his henchmen. Instead, what matters is "order"--orders from Trump.

Without the witnesses and documents, it is a real certainty that the Party of Trump will not convict him. When the impeachment smoke clears, my own Congressman and GOP chief propagandist, Steve Scalise, and the Fox News offensive line leading the blocking, will claim victory. They will once again insist the entire impeachment was a hoax, a scam, a charade.

Trump, as he did with the Muller investigation, will win this game of politics, and his MAGA fans will rejoice endlessly. But, history will mark this impeachment process with a giant asterisk in the record books and a very dark cloud over his presidential legacy. Trump won based on the limited facts he allowed to be presented into evidence, which, in reality, was none.

The truth will never be freed.  Governmental morality will forever be the loser.

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