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One Senator, Mitt Romney, honored his oath in Trump impeachment case Featured

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Thank God, the Congressional GOP found an honest man.

Today, Mitch Romney defied his party, his president, his future re-election and followed his conscience. He stated that he is a religious man and as such, took his oath as a promise to God to be fair and just. In doing so, he felt the evidence was simply overwhelming to support the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. He said Trump committed an impeachable offense and should be removed.  


He is the only Republican US Senator to vote aye. The GOP declared that a couple of votes in the House that crossed party lines in the House impeachment vote constituted a bi-partisan decision in their favor. Using this logic, I suppose one Republican vote out of 53 renders the impeachment and removal of Donald J. Trump, a bipartisan conclusion too.

I have little doubt that the Democrats and the Republicans in the Senate saw the facts differently and placed greater emphasis upon different values in deriving their decisions. However, I have no question that none of them took the oath before impeachment trial as seriously as did Romney.

Days prior to the House voting for the impeachment articles, Mitch McConnell, the Republican Juror foreman who also happened to be the Majority Leader brazenly told us that he would not be fair. He told us point-blank that he was working hand in glove with the White House. He promised us that Trump would not be removed.

Lindsey Graham, likewise, showed that he has completely lost his way since John McCain, his mentor departed.  He also guaranteed that he was not going to let the president be impeached and promised us that he was not going to be fair. 

The Democrat US Senators also broke their vows before their maker. Interview after interview, starting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told us that Trump had engaged in impeachable conduct.  

When the leaders of the party betray their oaths to their Lord, how can any of us expect those lower party members to not follow suit?

It would be literally impossible to take the oath and be fair and impartial yet determine the outcome before passing final judgment which took place later today.

I cannot, however, say that there was not a difference between the Republican Congress and the Democrat body. There was. The Republicans on the merits of the case simply were not being intellectually truthful.

Their explanations in defense were result-oriented, not legitimate.  The President’s legal team claimed the Senate could not hear witnesses, however, all impeachment proceedings have included the Senate hearing from witnesses. They claimed the Court could simply render a quick opinion on Trump’s outrageous acts of defiance, but they never cited a single case on point in support of their claim.  

They claimed the House did not present the evidence and were lazy.  Trump’s attorneys claimed that the president’s actions in demanding complete immunity over the evidence were the normal course of business for the president. That is a bald-faced lie. The Republicans Senators know so well that it is false. No president has ever refused to cooperate as this one has done. He has claimed that Congress had no right to even investigate him, defying close to 250 years of American history.  What Trump has done is strip Congress of all rights to oversee an out of control Chief Executive or administration member. The Republicans were willing to give this up to save the president.

Sadly, this ordeal has been a personal nightmare for all of us. I know that Time after time, in discussing the issues, in my trying to discuss the facts of the case itself, I have received comments that are totally collateral to the facts of whether Trump extorted a desperate foreign leader for his own personal political benefit. Interestingly, I hardly ever would obtain a discussion of the facts of the case itself. Just like the Senate did in hiding the evidence, those with whom I have discussed the case appear to be hiding from the evidence or resorting to the president's talking points.

Or, worse, I have heard, so often during this period some epitaphs such as such “you are just a hater, you don’t love America, how can you go against the president, he’s doing such a great job”.  Then, there is the "move on" or "we have the country's business to attend"  Then, there was the “you just wanted to impeach Trump from day one”.

None of those claims ever discuss the facts of the case. Nor do any of them even approach the truth.

But, let us for a second assume that they are valid complaints. What would any of those personal slaps and collateral attacks have upon the facts of the case?  How would any of these personal hits impact the right to know the truth, the right to ensure that no laws are broken, the necessity to obtain all relevant witnesses and documents so that we could in good faith fully acquit the President or to completely make certain that our constitution is no longer trashed?

I love this country as much as any other American and equally respect the office of the presidency. But no president is the Office of the President. Not Trump. Not Obama. They work for us.  We do not take an oath to them, our oath is to country. They are not the state. Disagreeing with them is not an act of treason as Donald Trump and some of his loyalists have so sorely repeated.

Trump has won the battle but ultimately, he and his Republican Congress have lost the war.  Yes, the president will declare total victory. He will thank the impeachment process for his jump in the polls and for his momentum as we reach November.  His enablers will scorn all those who have sought a higher calling.

But, ultimately, history will show the facts were and are on the side of truth.  They will come out, perhaps as early as when the House calls John Bolton as a witness.

I believe in the depths of our hearts we know the real facts in this case

Sadly, and unfortunately, it is clear to me that the president in his lust for power and his enablers in their fear of retaliation, will meet the final arbiter of justice.

Mitt Romney simply saw and felt it so much earlier.

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