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Time to play a little game. It’s called, “Hide the Evidence”.

Here’s how you play. First, I'll give you the defenses and excuses. And, then, hopefully, we'll come to our senses.

Now, close your eyes and ears. Quit sniffing around for clues.   The Republicans have been playing this for months. It's so easy, McConnell and gang have got it down to a science. 

The House Democrats did not provide a fair and transparent process;

The traitor whistleblower worked with Biden, was biased and should have testified;  Glad he's been outed!

Pelosi rushed the impeachment process in the House and should have waited for the evidence; 

Since the Democrats did not appeal Trump’s documents and witnesses refusals, they forefeited their rights to call witnesses and obtain the documents in the US Senate 

Joe Biden and his son Hunter were crooks, therefore, Trump had a right to investigate;

The Senate cannot subpoena witnesses/ Doesn't matter if the documents have just been released or the witnesses now willing to testify, like Bolton. It's too late. Plus, the president said it didn't happen. 

Plus, John Bolton is writing a book, therefore, he is not a credible witness.  Can't believe anything he says.

The Democrats have wanted to impeach Trump since day one, therefore, the impeachment proves their coup against Trump. 

The Dems are just out to get him, they want to destroy him because he’s doing such a job.

The Dems are haters of Trump and unAmerican.

Those 17 witnesses are Deep State, their traitors and should be taken care of like the old days.

Ok. I could list quite a few more but for now, let's get at it. 

Now, here's the second part of our game.  We're going to assume all of those statements.  Therefore, if they're all true, President Trump should be acquitted, vindicated, exonerated, right?  Easy peasy.

Yes, about as slight at hand as it was for McConnell to work own mitt in glove.  (Sorry for the reference). It's like McConnel magic trick, facts disappear right in front of your eyes. Poof. Although, it really doesn't matter since you're not looking, anyway. 

So, are you ready for the third and last part of our game? Great! Remember, assume the truths of all the excuses and now, let's all use our senses. Right all of them--our eyes, ears, nose and yes, our inner sense too. 

This is where the fun comes in. It's a takeoff of "hide and seek" the truth.

Ready for the truth?

Indeed, this week, Trump was acquitted. Every Republican Congressman in the House and fifty-two out of fifty-three of the Republicans in Senate decided.  In doing so, some told us why they came to their conclusions but defied logic. You know, like our being told that Trump would learn from his experience?  Only took a day for us to learn that he learned nothing. That everything he did and said were perfect. Of course, we got lucky when a Republican Senator or two told us the president misbehaved. If you think he would be put into quiet time or something, forget it. "It's perfect, get over it".

In fact, after the vote on Wednesday, twitter lit up like a Chinese firecracker with likes, retweets praising the decision. On Thursday, Trump used a Prayer breakfast of all things, to bitterly slash Pelosi and Romney, the rest of the Democrats and even did a Harry Truman “I Won” newspaper moment to glee for historical preservation.   When he wasn't encumbered by the holiness of prayer, he really let her rip.  For their share, his golf buddies demand no more investigations, it's time to bring the country together. Of course, they'll be exceptions--the Bidens, the whistleblower, Bolton, Schiff, Pelosi, hmm, let us think.

The truth is, as this game is played out, none of those defenses and excuses prove that Trump did not do as alleged. Nor do they support his extreme total immunity claim pretense either. What he has done is many times more than Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton in their attempts to turn out the lights on government transparency. What they did to obstruct is "chump change" compared to the Trump claims that Congress does not even have the constitutional right to ask the president or his staff anything, ever. You mean, all these years, our presidents have simply testified, turned over witnesses and documents to Congress but Hamilton and his boys really meant the White House could do whatever it wanted?  

Throughout the entire impeachment process, those avid Trump supporters all gave us great reasons why we should support the President's acquittal, but no reason to refute that Trump did not extort or bribe the Ukranian President for the purpose of hurting Biden, his top political foe. 

In other words, whether he did or not is not really the question for so many of his backers. The search is not for the truth.  It is not for us to find out if what he did was right or wrong. No, the search is and has only been about how to ensure he and they stay in power. 

The same thing happened with the Muller investigation. Instead of wanting all of us to determine if Trump has been playing "handsies" with Putin, his team claimed the prosecutors would not be fair.  Put that into the category of Obama "taping" Trump's phone. It's is never about the truth. 

Nor was the post-Mueller chicanery. After a rushed hearing, Lindsey Graham, the Attorney General Barr, Trump all said, Congress gets nothing more. You remember, "case closed". Three years, so many unanswered questions, millions of dollars spent, but Lindsey, Bill, Trump, and gang had no more questions? Well, actually, they do. It's investigate the investigator's time. 

Last, we know that notwithstanding the euphoria from the recent acquittal, while the Republicans did whatever they could do to fight, enable the president’s defense, denounce the Democrats, slap the media, rip Pelosi, Schiff and others on Twitter and Fox News, the one thing they did not do is, lift a single finger or ask a single question to ascertain if Trump did what was alleged. 

That issue of "what did Trump do and how did he do it", has no conclusion.   The Senate members were not forced to reveal any reasons at all for their decisions other than, "I don't want witnesses, I don't want to remove the president". That is all.

Nor did they join the House Democrats to obtain necessary documents. Not once did they demand that Trump turn over documents. Never did they urge evidence to be revealed.  They ignored the fact that Presidents and their underlings have testified before and yes, even involving national security. Instead of a single bit of cooperation, they resisted. Every day, they supported Trump's claims that it was the other guys and gals who were lying.  They claimed the professionals in National Security, State Department, Bolton, Parnas, all of the 17 witneses were not telling the truth--not a single one of them.  All of them, every one of them is added to the incredible growing list of "they're not telling the truth", from the media to Karen McDougal, to Stormy Daniels to Michael Cohen. According to Trump and his 95-percent supporters, everyone else is lying.

Let’s give them credit though. They have won the game of political muscle. Trump has won. He picked an AG knowing the guy would cover for him. He pressured the Majority leader who in turn pressured the Republican Senators to forego evidence and to acquit. Their political muscle, having ruled the day will rule tomorrow of tomorrows. 

The game is real. Finding ways to keep Trump from falling, covering for him no matter what are the rules of their game.  Getting to the real truth, the real facts, in this case--whether Trump pressured the Ukraine president matters not.

They deserve to be congratulated. They are loyal soldiers. They protected their party leader with every ounce they could muster.

Unfortunately,  the real question of whether the president did right or wrong is never pursued. 

Face it. It is not part of the game.

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