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New York, California, Illinois shuts down, Trump in spat with another reporter Featured

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Once again, hell broke loose at the White House. Meanwhile, California, New York and Illinois are on lockdown. More are likely soon go follow.

Now that we’re in crisis mode with the Covid-19, the issue of the moment involves Trump vs. a member of the media.  Meanwhile, those most at risk are Americans who are just looking for answers.


President Donald Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, disagreed on a point that Trump brought up yesterday.

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At issue was the possible effects of drugs, particularly, one that has been used to treat Malaria, now being used for the Corona Virus. Trump said yesterday, it was a great breakthrough.  The president said a combination of the medicines would treat the virus but Fauci did not affirm this but stated it needed testing.

NBC’s Peter Alexander asked if Trump was giving Americans a false sense of hope by "putting a positive spin on things.  Trump said he did not think so and defended his position.

Alexander shortly afterward asked what he would tell Americans who are scared by the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump replied, “I’d say you are a terrible reporter.   I think that’s a very nasty question, and I think that’s a very bad signal that you’re putting out to the American people.”

Another reporter followed up and asked Fauci if he could opine, which he did by saying that he and Trump are not that far apart.

As the president insults the media, the number of people who are infected by the virus is skyrocketing. Weeks ago, Trump said he felt the virus which had infected only 15 people would go down to two, maybe one. Now, every state has a problem with the economy in reverse and the numbers doubling every few days.

Meanwhile, reports have revealed two mind-blowing developments. First, the projects of our getting over this crisis worsen by the day and there could be millions impacted. Second, the Trump administration knew the risks involved and failed to act. They had engaged in various simulation models in which the fact situation was very similar.  It is a sham for Trump to say, as he has done, "who would have known".

The twitter sphere has gone crazy. Here are just some of the angry tweets responding to Trump’s response.

Peter Alexander represents the American people in the WH briefing room. Trump’s response to


was a middle finger to America. TRUMP TO AMERICA: DROP DEAD

Trump hears everything thru the lens of Me, Me, Me. He doesn’t care about sending messages that calm fears. He cares about how he looks. That supposed 50+ approval rating is the last nail in our coffin for getting real help and real leadership.

He could have said "We are actively listening and responding to this crisis with the full force of the federal government. We hear you and we are taking action to alleviate shortages. We will fix this." But no. Had to be a selfish jerk instead.

NO, you're a terrible pres.,djt!!! Missing a perfect opportunity to offer words of support and instead went to you're fall back position and bullied and badmouthed another person who was providing you with a perfect opportunity to do so. You're UNFIT4 this position

"Terrible reporter"? Donald, You're a terrible President! No, let me amend that...You're a terrible excuse for a human being!

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