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Selfish, takes center stage, at Trump's Tulsa MAGA campaign rally Featured

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I believe Donald Trump is the most selfish President in my lifetime. He's the most selfish person I have ever known. Selfishness is acceptable when it does not involve others. That possibility does not exist for the President of the United States.

This Saturday, to jumpstart his flailing presidential campaign, Trump has decided to descend upon Tulsa. The community is now suffering from an increase in coronavirus cases. Trump will not be visiting to provide care, assistance, or even condolence. Nope. He'll be leading sheep to the slaughter. He's be ranting, screaming, blasting about everything he hates, and doing so in front of a massive and loyal following of MAGA fans. Many attendees have been waiting forever for another spiritual campaign event, which has been on hold since the recent shutdown.

Instead of holding a campaign rally online in front of hundreds of thousands, he prefers the real thing. He loves the images of men and women with red hats surrounding him and one another. Among them will be Qanon lovers. The confederate flags, ever so meaningful today, will accentuate the adjacent parking lot.
I suppose some of those in the massive halls and outdoors will don facial coverings. My best guess, however, is the vast majority of the attendees will be bare. The rally will be the antithesis of social distancing. Many MAGA's have already proven to me that they believe masks and social distancing is not for "patriots" who have doubted the virus from the very get-go.

But why should they be believers? After all, the most powerful man in the world has refused to take the lead. He has kicked the risks of this deadly and highly contagious disease right smack in the groin. The condition, which he initially said was under control, then a Democratic hoax, then a significant emergency, then an economic nuisance-- is now, in his own words, "dying out." For lagniappe, his VP claims the media and others who are pointing out the COVID-19 small and large spikes across the country, are trying to inflame.

Every so often, the disease comes home to Trumpland. That happened this week. Tuesday, Pinal County Sheriff, Mark Lamb, who refused to enforce local coronavirus law, was asked to appear at the White House. Lamb, who was one of the very few law enforcement officers at the White House. One day later, he announced he is now infected. Will others at the White House be one of the next victims? We shall see.

Trump, unconcerned about the significant spike in cases and hospitalizations since opening the economy, is set to go. No, he won't be outside where the risks are. According to one study, the outdoors spread is 19 times less than indoors. The Republican candidate will be indoors-- standing and screaming, joking and slamming. His supporters will respond as they together brew one viral soup.

Did I say selfish? I am sad to say that the President, the country's current symbolic father, healer, and leader, does not care if someone gets sick. The probability that the virus will spread in the city under these conditions is an absolute certainty.

His supporters, many who have for months refused to wear masks, will be standing shoulder to shoulder and face to face with others. They will be cheering, chanting, singing. And they won't be outdoors as the current BLM protesters are doing who I believe are profoundly careless. Nope.

They will be in an AC controlled environment at high octane. Sadly, it appears none of these people are of any concern to Trump or his campaign. Well, let me correct that statement. Trump and his campaign are indeed concerned. They have mandated a mask of liability for their protections. Those attending will be forced to sign a waiver of responsibility to protect the President and the campaign. In other words, Mr. and Mrs. Average America, decent people, who believe they have found the answer, will be on their own.

Trump is sending a message, a clear one, ignore the health risks. If you get sick, it's on you, not him. Or, in other words, "if you're that stupid to risk your health and perhaps that of your immediate friends and family, that's your problem. Not ours. We have your legal waiver. Move on".

Now ask yourself: do you think the NFL, the NBA, the MLB are willing to let tens of thousands of fans, a considerable percentage without masks into an indoor stadium to watch the games? Based on Trump's lead, why not? All season ticket holders need to do is sign a waiver of liability. What's good for Trump is acceptable for the commissioners. Let the game begins—play ball.

Except it is not so comfortable or safe or clean. Not personally sucking up the soaking air full of flying infections are the rest of the folks who did not attend. They care enough about their fellow men and women, their neighbor, and their family members to mask up and stand at a suitable distance. They will not put the world at risk by attending a rocky horror campaign rally. They are the real patriots. They are the unselfish, not our President.


The book is explosive. The claim by the former National Security Advisor is profound. The allegations are many, including proving what the Democrats alleged, which no Republican Congressperson, but one was willing to admit. It appears that the President did engage in a quid pro quo. Perhaps worse, the President seems to have urged China to help him win the election. The President and his team claim it's a lot of bunk. That is what they always say. Everybody else, General Mattis, Bolton, General Kelly, other former White House officials are the liars, not him. So are all of the dozens of women who have made claims against him, the media and let us not forget the real heroes, those real Americans who were willing to put their careers on the line to testify for the country at the impeachment trial. But for Trump and so many of his loyalists, everybody is lying, but not him.

Yes, the most selfish man I have ever witnessed is our President.

Below is a short video discussing the recent Bolton developments

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