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Could we possibly have a worse leader during the greatest national crises in modern American history than we do right now with President Donald Trump?

I’m serious. I only wish he would take the Coronavirus seriously, more than he takes his own political campaign and personal future.

For one, the economy is in complete shambles.

Under Trump, after virtually ten years of continuous job growth under his predecessor,  we now have roughly 40 million people who have filed for unemployment claims in just a few short months. We have over 125,000 less people on this earth. They have perished because their bodies could not compete with the ravages of the infections.  Our economy has shrunk during the first quarter of 2020 by 5%.  Our debt, which had ballooned under President Obama to 19,947 is now 26.2 trillion with Congress and the administration almost certainly ready to pump another trillion into the tank to keep the engine running.

Of course, at first blush, one would claim it is not fair to blame all of this horrible economic news upon the president. After all, the killer-virus is indeed,  a-once-in-a -century-experience.  Covid-19 has caused the world economy to drop with the force of a capsule returning from space while our deaths have skyrocketed like a rocket.  But, honestly, when discussin the "blame game", what is good for the Obama is good for the Trump. 

According to Trump and his loyalists, the Obama administration was responsible for the nine trillion-dollar increase of US debt and a sputtering economy.  Yet, he, Fox News and the political right have consistently said Trump deserves all the credit for a great economy, that Obama had nothing to do with it. The president now says he built a great economy. Specifically, they all somehow ignore the job increase of  11.5 million, the  unemployment dropping of 4.7 percent and the stock market doubling—all occurring while reversing course from the great recession under President Bush.

So since they insist upon consuming credit for all of the “good economy”, logic demands they accept all the blame for this disaster.

And there is a good basis for this analysis:while every country has taken it on the chin, the real truth is, the United States did not have to sustain such serious health threats nor economic uppercuts, this spring.

South Korea, China, all of Europe (except for the United Kingdom and Sweden)have enjoyed tremendous successes in bringing down the number of cases and deaths.  South Korea, which country had its first case the same day as we did, has 1/6th of the our population, yet, it miraculously has suffered less than 300 deaths compared  to our 125,000 (and escalating). Countries and states who have ignored the strict and severe lockdowns, who took testing, wearing of masks, social distancing seriously, have made remarkable comebacks. Those states who brazenly scoffed at the seriousness of the virus and shot the middle finger at the required solutions, now are seeing their own people get infected, some needing hospital treatment. All of this is putting a hold on their respective economies. These states are reeling due to a self-inflicted wound and the man in charge, seems not to care, one bit.

We've sorely needed a real leader. We're crying out for the man at the top to face the public without any ambiguity,  but with total seriousness for the moment, and demand that Americans act according to science,  Instead, Trump has engaged in raw politics. He has led the rebellion against medicine, science, truth and reason. For months, he played.  Before we got our testing online, he when criticized for a job poorly done, unsurprisingly, blamed his predecessor. States pleaded with him to control the flow of PPE, ventilators, masks and other necessities but he put that on them.  Ironically, when he felt he had to appear to be in charge, he flexed his federal muscles and commanded that everybody would have to do what he demanded. Weeks flew by as he hawked an elixir that works no better than snake-oil.  He pushed states to ignore his task force guidelines.  He threated states to get with the “open up the economy” program despite the fact his experts and others virtually begged him to be cautious, and go slow.  Even now, while states are facing the highest number of cases ever, this President  claims that people are wearing masks just to make him look bad.  Let that sink in—we’re all wearing masks, not for our own safety, not for the safety of others. According to Trump, we're wearing masks just to make him look bad.  The President further disdain for public safety and mask-wearing, telling a reporter who refused to remove the face-piece, that he was being "politically correct". 

In the height of selfishness, last week, he held an indoor political rally which according to experts had a 100 times greater risk than a masked, socially-distanced  outdoor . He created an attractive nuisance, expected over 50,000 "Trump train passengers" to attend, demanded they release him of all liability should they befall sick.  He and his attendees had little, if no concern for the health and welfare of those people they would later encounter.  This was his show, he set the rules. The President could have followed the health concerns. He knew that his attendees absolutely could get infected and release more diseased-carnage upon the innocent who lived in Tulsa and then Phoenix where he held his events.  The truth is harsh and obvious. He simply does not care.

If you think we are now suffering from what he calls (with uncaring bigotry) “Kung Flu”, you’re wrong.  That might have started in Wuhan, but it has morphed.

It’s now clearly the Donald Trump virus. And the woeful job market, the soarng debt and the cratering GDP is the Trump-failed economy.

He built it.

And despite the Obama administration leaving office

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