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Sister Maryanne reveals truth as Trump train at GOP convention station Featured

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So, here we are.

Four years ago, the MAGA train powered across the nation. Farmer, coalminers, former-Obama backers jumped on at every stop. The battle cry, shrieking through Donald Trump's "Maga Phone" demanded major disruptions and destruction of our nation's institutions, far and wide.

Instead of backing our traditional allies in Europe who, for seventy-years, we courted as indispensable partners, the candidate Trump gave notice they were no longer needed. Our new best buddy would be Putin' and Russia.  Candidate Trump told us that our leading the world through cooperation in the sciences, trade, human rights were not going to be his goal.  He warned us that he, if President, would leave those tracks of which the world valued our incredible contributions.  

Despite almost unanimous scientific evidence of global warming, he promised to turn on the spigot for old coal and dirty energy sources. Instead of working with the strengths of our past, the world became all about us—America First. Always.

His loyalists and later his voters saw all of this as a way to tell the world they have had enough!! It was time to disrupt the status quo.

Four years later, Trump's victory over what he once called American carnage, has shown success. Throughout the nation, our institutions are a carcass of their once-proud selves. The respected and trusted media is now "fake" and "enemy of the people" simply because they tried to shed light on his 20,000 lies, false statements, and fabrications. The nation distrusts Congress even more. The FBI, CIA, our nation's intel infrastructure, the Department of Justice, the State Department, Homeland Security are shells of themselves. Now, with Trump losing in the poll, his greatest target to disupt is faith in our democracy. Enroute, he has sabotaged the postal service to ensure his November victory.   One more major American institution has taken a big hit.

Our world-respected medical institutions are being disrupted and lay prostrate on the sickbed. The virus competes with our elections. Consequently, the once world heralded FDA and CDC have been intimidated into allowing questionable drugs and therapeutics which the President's own experts claim are too risky. We are abandoning the gold standard scrutinies required for all medical innovations. Instead, we are replacing them with Trump's election-motivating "magic pills" and "suddenly disappear" solutions. Somehow our nation's doctors and scientists are being called the deep-state. Which presents a real quandary.  
We are facing the prospects of fast-forwarding the vaccine and asking Trump's own anti-vaxxers into swallowing this quick-tracked solution.

Most important, Trump realizes that his personal future and that of his family are at risk. The federal courts are about to allow the release of his taxes to a grand jury. The Congress will be next to review these documents which supposedly have been under audit, forever. The New York prosecutors smell blood coming from what they consider to be a corrupt family of rats. Trump knows he must stay in power if he and his family are going to defend themselves from potential criminal prosecution. Of course, a new Democratic administration and blue House and Senate will want the truth about AG Barr, the Mueller report, and federal criminal cases involving Trump's associates that have been mysteriously closed. Poof! They suddenly dissappeared like one of the President's other miracles. Trump knows his fate and that of his family and business might end up like the Trump Foundation, court-ordered closed for good.

Tonight, the Republican Party is ready to put on their big show, but only after Trump has completed its takeover. The GOP announced last night that they will be forever loyal to Trump until 2024. They don't need a party platform, they say. Their platform is Trump. Apparantly, what Trump wants, he gets.

Their convention comes when the Coronavirus has killed over 175,000 Americans in less than six months. The President has shown more interest in dead confederate soldiers than the men and women who are victims of what he calls "the plague." A poll has revealed that 57% of his party believes that those number of deaths are acceptable. Yes, acceptable. Ironically, so many of the same people who see nothing about losing tens of thousands also treat COVID-19 as a hoax.

On the eve of the convention, embarrassing recordings show what Donald Trump's older sister, a former appellate court judge, thinks of her younger sibling. Not much. According to Judge Maryanne Trump, she can't believe his lies. She states, he cares only about himself. He's cruel. He doesn't read. So tells the Judge, unknowingly taped by her niece. Thus, her opinion cannot be claimed as fake news. She did not know her words would ever go public.  But, does Trump care what sister thinks? Does it matter that his own flesh and blood is repeating everything that the media has been arguing for five years? Says the President, "who cares?".

Which is the very point! This election is not about Trump's now-recognized coarse personality, as many of his supporters seem to blame. It is about his character that tremendously impacts policy. His sister has painted an accurate picture. She tells us that he puts self over country.  Which is quite frightening. His aciions, his policies are motivated not what is best for us, but for him.  Trump's performance during the pandemic is absolute proof that his personality defects greatly influences his policy decisions.

To end this pandemic nightmare at all costs since his own political future is paying the price, the President will favor a wacky doctor over the advice of his own team of the world's most respected doctors and scientists. His refusal to acknowledge the severity of the disease came second to his need to use the stock market as a campaign prop. He abandoned his own administration's recommendations the following day they were announced. Instead of sacrificing, he, as did his base, demanded liberation from the "Democratic Hoax." Consequently, millions more have gotten infected, tens of thousands have died and our economy and future are much more uncertain.

The Trump train, once again, blows its own horn during this week's event. The main speakers are his sons, wife, and daughters.

Not the Judge who can tell us the truth.

The train speeds into the late-summer night. It flies past our once proud institutions barely standing. Our world's greatest experiment, our democracy, is imperiled every day Trump screams that the elections are rigged, while providing vapors of proof.

The candidate Trump once said his supporters would climb upon his train--always, even if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue. To keep them on board, he feeds them raw fear of suburbs and cities under invasion.  He promises that next year, the economy he built singlehandedly, will return.  He will tout the market and the 401K's but ignore that thirty million are now unemployed, with many at risk of losing their health insurance and the coverage for their pre-existing conditions.

And he's right, they will climb onto his train once again.

They, like he, will simply ask, "who cares?".


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